Cost of government is rising -

Cost of government is rising

Financial records and receipts reveal Parliament Hill’s costly operation


Yesterday, a number of financial records and receipts surfaced from Parliament Hill, revealing that the annual cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has ballooned to nearly $10 million, an increase of 30 per cent over the last two years. Other revelations included the tab for the PM’s travels in 2009-10: $6,904,790. Former governor-general Michaëlle Jean also had a big travel budget: her annual spending on foreign trips nearly doubled over the last three years, and her office spent nearly $2.65-million on trips and preparation work by advance teams in the 2009-10 fiscal year. MPs spent $10.2-million last year sending flyers into their competitors’ ridings, making it the third-largest expenditure of the near $143-million parliamentarians spent in all. There’s also those G8/G20 summits: the RCMP are expected to submit final receipts currently estimated at about $330 million. That would bring the total security bill for last June’s international gatherings to about $750-million.

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Cost of government is rising

  1. Ah yes, the government is in the safe hands of those legendary low-tax, small government Cons, renowned for their fiscal management.

  2. And according to a recent pll 80% of Canuckistanis don't want an American-styled TEA party. Between government employees and every special interest group that ever came down the pike are there that many people on the dole up here??? Once the parasites have drained the host dry life will get interesting.