Could Lula come back?

Outgoing Brazilan president hints that he may run for office again


Brazil’s outgoing president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva hinted that he might run for office again, in four years’ time, once his handpicked successor nears the end of her own presidential term. His comments, made to a Brazilian TV channel, come less than two months after the election of the country’s new president Dilma Rousseff, and might overshadow her debut in the top job. Rousseff, who’s known as a tough administrator and shrewd technocrat but has no previous experience in an elected office, faces a difficult task in trying to match her predecessor’s stellar personal approval ratings, which hover around 87 per cent.

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Could Lula come back?

  1. He may be guilty but of what? He had bombs and bullets coming at him and everyone with whom he was with was killed by a US-initiated air attack. What would we have done in this situation? Remained passive and be killed? I doubt it – he threw the only defenive weapon that he had – a grenade. What punishment did the US soldiers suffer for killing many people in that uneven encounter? Or does being the aggressor in a made-up war exonerate them?

    • Have you even read what happened? Khadr and his buddies fired on the troops first, and then the firefight began. So you can't blame the US soldiers. Khadr's gang asked for it.

      • if you born in democratic country, and like the democratic country you choose to live here.
        You have to be loyal to the country who give you chance to live better otherwise just get out.
        We do not spend our taxes for that kind of people simple as is.
        We paid so much taxes to to give and help other countries in their war instead we accept them as immigrant to live here in our beautiful and lovely country.
        however if they choose to be our enemy why don't send them back to where belong.
        We are Canadian to nice but enough is enough.

        • He isn't a traitor to Canada. He was fighting in a war against the US in Afghanistan during which Canada was also there for peacekeeping duties. WE ARE NOT THE US and our role in Afghanistan are different from that of the Americans. It's really sad that the majority of the commenters are clearly too lazy to be responsible to learn more about the case to understand all the facts involved.

          There is a letter that the CBC has published in which Khadr discusses his feelings about Canada, his birth country; you all should google it and realize that this was a Canadian child with strong Canadian ties who was coerced into fighting in a war that he didn't belonged in. Like most child soldiers, he didn't choose to do anything in free will. Why are we more sympathetic towards other Canadian children who commit intentional murder against fellow Canadians on Canadian soil? Why are they more deserving of the rehabilitation that Omar Khadr rightfully deserves?

          • Canada's role is exactly the same as the US's. We are part of ISAF, just as they are. Our troops are in combat zones fighting the Taliban just as there's are.

            And the reason that we are more lenient towards mere murderers is that, bad as they are, they have not declared war on this country and our very way of life. Also, whether Khadr is imprisoned here or in the US, presumably efforts will be made (probably in vain) to rehabilitate him.

      • Those troops you mention surrounded his house.

    • Guilty of what," ARE YOU KIDDING", he was born in Canada and he goes to Afghanistan to kill Canadians, Americans, etc.
      This is a U.N. action which Canada was involved with. It is called treason in my world and don't give me that crap about him being a child soldier as the U.N. designates 14 years and younger a child soldier.
      As far as I am concerned the moment this treasoness Canadian went there his rights as a Canadian citizen ended ,period.
      I want to know Mr. Murphy would you be supporting this traitor if he had killed your son, daughter, mayby your neighbors son, daughter!
      Bottom line is if you support this kind of Canadian you are really helping destroy our Country from within.

  2. T. Murphy–you are an idiot. As if condoning a traitor isn't bad enough, the shooting had stopped brainwave…

  3. In my humble opinion, it is bad enough we are letting Khadr do any part of his sentence in this Country, but why do the Canadian Taxpayers have to water and feed him for eight years and the U.S.get 's off the hook with one year? Their the ones that charged him and tried him, It should at least be the other way around.

  4. Khadr killed and terrorized people in Afghanistan, he should be sent there for trial.

    • You must be the first "philanthropist" who supports sending a Canadian former child soldier to Afghanistan for trial. There are at least three things there that would offend the spirit of philanthropy itself.

    • If he were sent to Afghanistan for trial at least he would stand a better chance at a fair and open trial.

      • I think he would be executed :(

  5. Source please !

  6. Khadr was a child soldier, he acted in self defense, he was tortured, the Americans were illegal invaders under international law, there is no evidence he threw the grenade, he confessed as part of a plea deal, and he has undergone 8 years of detention without trial. It is stupid to be talking about punishing him further. We should be concerned about rehabilitating him, and about the fallout from Americans in a bad mood. This is very likely to become a political football.

    • 1. You do not understand the concept of self-defence. Khadr joined a group of people dedicated to killing Americans. Even if he was tactically acting in self defence, he was fighting a war against ISAF in a strategic sense. His choice was made before he was on the battlefield.
      2. He may have been tortured. However, that has no bearing on either his guilt, or whether or not he should be repatriated. It doesn't change the fundamental question of whether repatriation is in our interest.
      3. ISAF is not an illegal invasion force. Its creation was endorsed by the UN. Moreover, by the time Khadr was arrested, the Taliban had been overthrown and the internationally recognized government of Afghanistan was one that endorsed the American presence.
      4. If there was no evidence that Khadr threw the grenade, why did he accept the plea bargain? Plea bargains are an absolutely legitimate tool of jurisprudence.
      5. If it is your contention that Khadr is in need of rehabilitation, wouldn't releasing him (as you propose) be a terrible idea? Khadr should be imprisoned indefinitely because he is a serious threat to public safety.

  7. The Khadr family should be sent back where the parents came from and he should be charged with treason as there were canadian troops in that operation.He should rot in a U.S. jail preferably in texas.

  8. I think it's all his is parents fault ,not his because there the one who brainwashed him. He should be sent back to Canada and start a new life, end with this crap already. This world is full of hatered and evilness,we can't stop it nor it can be changed, so just give this young man a chances. I have been listening to this since the past 5 years. He killed an American soldiers and was involved in terror attack, he sufferd all his teenage life behind the bar, i think it's enough, it wont bring everthing back, but it'll make it worse….

  9. Keep Omar in the US and deport his family.End of problem.

  10. The 'kid' was building roadside bombs and happy about it. There is video evidence, this is indisputable. This is sociopathic behavior. Regardless if his parents are to blame he has not received any rehabilitation or therapy to heal his mental condition. In no way should this man be released any where. There is no evidence to show that he will not re-offend. Is this not the purpose of incarceration? I get that politically we may have to take him back, fine. When we get him though we need to make sure he remains in custody long enough that rehabilitation can be assessed and started. Charge him with treason, anything to keep him in custody for an indefinite amount of time. If he shows remorse, gives up his terrorist ways, maybe actively works against terrorism, then he can be welcomed back to society. Otherwise, keep him in jail, in any country. Oh ya, and despite what happens to Omar, deport the family, they are only using us for the health care and I am sick of hearing the mother bash our soceity and take advantage of it at the same time.

  11. scary xenophobic tripe by the hang him high crowd. . A child soldier tried to defend himself " maybe" and because they have no eviodence they extort a plea deal. History will be unkind to us as we have violated the rule of law. Unfortunately the hang him high crown , yes the same type that lynched people in the U.S in the good old days have no clue what " the rule of law " means " and how the disrespect for it makes us what we thought we were fighting against.

    • Bottom line is…..''He is a Terrorist !'' Simple and easy, there is no getting around it…He is a Terrorist ! and should be treated accordingly !

    • "Rule of Law"

      Our laws embody the basic moral values of our society. They impose limits on the conduct of individuals in order to promote the greater good and to make our communities safe places to live. It is against the law to steal, to injure another person, to drive recklessly or to pollute the environment, to name just a few of the countless ways the law is designed to protect us. We are said to be ruled by law, not by those who enforce the law or wield government power. No one in Canada is above the law. Everyone, no matter how wealthy or how powerful they are, must obey the law or face the consequences.

  12. what i don't think everyone understands is that he was 15! whatever the situation, he made a mistake. He's already spent forever behind bars, and still, people are ready to bash him and deport him. it just saddens me how people immediatly jump to the conclusion that he's a terrorist, born and bred to kill, and he does because he wants to..