Coulter: the she-devil in her own words

Maclean’s speaks with Ann Coulter


Ezra Levant, who was present at the venue for tonight’s aborted Ann Coulter talk at the University of Ottawa, spotted my quickie weblog entry about the cancelled event and had me chat briefly with the leggy agitator. Coulter tells Maclean’s she never had the chance to move on from a private dinner reception at which she was signing books, meeting local conservatives, and waiting for the all-clear from her bodyguard, who was on the scene at the university. “I was just reviewing my speech. It was a fine little speech, and by the way, I cut it down so we could have an extensive question-and-answer period. I gathered that I was going to have a very exciting crowd tonight.”

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The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don’t let her speak.’ And the cops eventually said, we’ve got a bad feeling, this isn’t gonna happen. And they shut it down.”

Coulter agrees with the suggestion that conservative speakers face greater dangers and nuisances in trying to encounter audiences on university campuses. “I speak at a lot of college campuses and I need a bodyguard… Michael Moore does not; Judy Rebick does not. I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could have spoken tonight with less controversy.” She dismisses the possibility, however, that things are ever likely to change. “Unfortunately, conservatives are too polite, so they will never get a taste of their own medicine in that regard, in terms of angry mobs with sticks and rocks.”

She accuses the University of Ottawa’s academic vice-president, Francois Houle, of “inspiring hatred” toward her with his epistolary warning to her that she needed to be conscious of Canada’s criminal prohibitions of hate speech. Indeed, she says she intends, with Levant’s help, to ask police to proceed with exactly the same charges against Houle.

“He described the law to me very carefully—any speech that incites hatred toward someone based on membership in an identifiable group can be criminally prosecuted. Well, before I even set foot in Canada, he had identified me as having criminal proclivities because I belong to an identifiable group: conservatives. Or it could be because I’m a Christian, I’m a Presbyterian. I’m a female conservative. If what Francois Houle did to me is not a hate crime, then nothing is.”

After the event was cancelled by the police, Coulter says she went to her hotel room to relax and had a surreal moment. “I was watching the local news, which was all hockey and Ann Coulter, and some nut came on claiming that he was the organizer behind my speech. [murmurs in background] OK, his name is Craig Chandler. I sent an e-mail to my bodyguard saying Craig Chandler is disinvited from the event in Calgary. He’s on TV claiming to be the organizer and denouncing me!”

Originally published at Macleans.ca on March 23 2010


Coulter: the she-devil in her own words

  1. This has been a disturbing trend and the Canadian journalists have a hand in it despite their protestations to the contrary.

    This person was tried and found guilty before she even said something in Canada. It was mob rule. That anyone in Canadian society should be happy about this, shows they are part of that mob mentality and condone it. Hatred is as hatred does.

    Canada, have we really lost freedom of speech? Is there freedom at all in Canada?

  2. She’s already said everything we need to hear. And we don’t need or want to hear any more. Free speech is all well and good.. Not included in the right to free speech, is any right to a venue. Go home Anne, we don’t need your rhetoric here.

  3. “This person was tried and found guilty before she even said something in Canada.”

    My camel tells me this is nonsense. He’s a little put out right now because my flying carpet is at the cleaners and I need to be somewhere far, far away.

    “It was mob rule.”

    It was PR.

  4. I definitly think Ann Coulter should be censored.

  5. The term ‘conservatives’ like anything else is just a word, and no one can claim ownership. If then the term conservative is a political utility, I don’t see Canadians disapproving of PM Steven Harper by a majority. Coulter was disapproved by UofO students based on media statements of her own words, which were used out of context. Who hasn’t heard of a soundbite?

    Ezra Levant which supports Coluter’s claims said himself “I can hardly wait to hear her comments — and to see if any of our events are crashed by human rights commission stormtroopers!” on his website (ezralevant -dot- com)

    Francois Houle is in the deep end with the preemptive attack on Coulter’s ideas, and needs to adjust his tone when addressing (any) celebrity. However, the university is redeemable in this matter. Everyone is responsible for what they say.

  6. Good Riddance, who needs speeches filled with hatred and bigotry. We have Stephen Harper for that!

  7. “Francois Houle is in the deep end with the preemptive attack on Coulter’s ideas, and needs to adjust his tone when addressing (any) celebrity.”

    Is that really your interpretation of the email? Ms. Coulter released it to the press. I’ve read it and found it to be polite, succinct, and neutral.

  8. Coulters position is well documented. No one needs to hear anymore fr
    Coulter is systematically promoting racism and racism is violence. Apathy and inaction is racisms greatest supporter. Listening to someone rationalize racism has no moral or legal gain. No one “really” cares if she insults Democrats or even Canada… that actually is free speech. However statements that Arabs should have ammonium nitrate bombs dropped on them and all their leaders killed is the kind of statments that have gotten Canadians arrested and have little to do with free speech. Canadians owe it to their minorities not to tolerate this type of talk and to demonstrate leadership to the world.

  9. Freedom of speech and hate-mongering are two different things. Coulter is a bigot plain and simple. Hurrah for UofO for standing their ground against this arrogant filth. Glad to see they didn’t allow her to defile their great campus! She represents the religious lunatic fringe.

  10. Original Message —–
    From: Mark Kelley
    To: executivedirector@pgib.ca
    Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
    Subject: Re: Last Night

    Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter’s right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

    Thanks Craig,

    Mark Kelley
    Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
    CBC News Network

  11. Although I am no lefty (unless you use Coulter’s description of Conservatism – read fascism), I do think that this story is being reported all wrong. The authorities should act against anyone issuing threats or iciting violence against anyone. This means those telling people to bring sticks etc…on the University blog.
    The protestors that didn’t break the law, though, were expressing their own right to free speech. If Miss Coulter wanted to speak, she could have. No act of violence actually took place, I understand. So what’s the problem? It was her decision to not speak.
    A good yardstick, though, to consider when we discuss hate crimes, is whether Miss Coulter’s views on Muslims and others would be acceptable in Canada if they were directed at Israel or in the least bit anti-semetic. My guess would be NOT ON YOUR LIFE.
    If George Galloway (an elected MP in Britain no less) is a security threat, then for sure Miss Coulter is at least the same type of threat. It’s the hypocrisy that is the problem.
    Double standards by those with hidden agendas on the right are the problem. If it’s okay to have this nutjob speak at Canadian Institutions then we should open our doors to anyone with anything to say about anyone. And, I mean ANYONE. Galloway should be allowed to speak on the same stage as that woman, and in Calgary too.
    If he’s not allowed to do so, then she shouldn’t be either.
    This is all being spun and is a phony issue. She’s disgusting, and people should be able to say so, and say it loud and proud. This country doesn’t need to cater to nutjobs. We have enough of our own, right in the government.

  12. I do applaud loudly these young man and women that stood up in defence of Canadian values.
    Since the election of the NeoCons, either here or south of the border, the common descent and human values have been eroding slowly but surely.

    If anyone to blame in this ordeal is certainly the Conservator Organizers, they are using and hiding these kinds of people to spread Wright Wing ideology.

    Just look south of the border, we are all shaking our head at the Health Care bill, here we have a decent President who is looking after the weak and the needy of a very very rich society, and these redneck conservative are screaming that those how do not have coverage, tough luck they can die.

    And those young people said yesterday in Ottawa… that is not my Canada, not the Canada they want to live in, lead by the conservative represented by Coulter

  13. Mouhajir
    I do applaud loudly these young man and women that stood up in defence of Canadian values.

    Defense of Canadian Values????
    What Canadian Values r u talking about?
    Oh the”Mob brings rocks and stick” value must be the one you are referring to.
    What happened to free speech?
    It could be nothing but garbage coming from Coulter’s mouth but I will defend her right to speak her mind.
    That is my Canada Mouhajir and not the one where some extremist students call the shots.
    In this case they(the students calling for violence) are certainly not any better than the accused and as far as I am concerned should be removed from university and campus for inciting violence.

  14. “In this case they(the students calling for violence) are certainly not any better than the accused and as far as I am concerned should be removed from university and campus for inciting violence.”

    Unfortunately for you, Ann, and Ezra, no one has been able to confirm any of these claims. The police dispute Ann and Ezra’s account of events. The University has made an official statement disputing their version of events. Reports from reporters on the scene dispute their version of events. Finally, newly interested investigative reporters are finding nothing to support their claims. In fact, they’re beginning to find factual evidence that shows Ann and Ezra to be the travelling hate proaganda profiteers they truely are.

  15. Well who knows if students called for violence or not, but watching this clip sure shows how low we are sinking as a nation.
    Got some jungle bunny hopping and screaming like she got mad cow disease.
    Perhaps she does..
    The intelligence is just radiating from her face don’t you think?

    Not my Canada


  16. U of O has been masterfully played by Anne Coulter. They stood up to play a game of chicken and flinched first. The joke is on those who are agreeing with that laughable letter issued by the U of O official prior to the event.

    I am ashamed of our Canadian educational institutions who demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with their viewpoints. They will use any methods (legitimate or despicable) to make their point and drown out the voices of any who dissent.

    If you don’t want to hear someone speak, DONT GO TO THE EVENT. That is how you exercise your freedom of speech. Don’t forbid someone else from exercising theirs. What kind of politically correct nanny-state are we making here?

    I don’t know what “Canadian Values” were being expressed here (previous poster) other than intolerance, rudeness, and ignorance.

  17. Ann Coulter and all her supporters have to learn that this is not the USA and freedom of speech does not include promoting hatred. There is NO freedom to speak or promote hatred in Canada Period!!!

  18. I can not believe the irrational things this women has come up with. I have been studying her and geeez do I ever find such a bigot who promotes violence and hatred among races, even the youth get involved and hear what she says. It is an outrage go home coulter and dont come back we dont like you….

  19. What strange things happens! Students against the freedom of speech!!
    Surely my dear students, you didn’t studied Voltaire.

  20. In a climate of hyper-sensitive reaction, where is the line drawn between “hate speech” and speech that may offend some in a group, and WHO draws that line?

    Is it hate speech, to make truthful statements regarding a group’s dishonorable actions and/or stated positions and condemn them as dishonorable?

    “I may disagree with you, but will defend to the death your right to say it….as long as I still have the right to call you a friggin’ idiot for saying it.”

  21. Ann Coulter may just be a lunatic or she may be the real deal in what she tells. Offensive? Not at all. Problem is this world has become too damn sensitive… and has lost its sense of direction of fundamental morals and ethics. Principle has been thrown out the window… common sense has become irrelevant.

    We are so quick to pass judgement upon another… but we fear being placed in judgement ourselves… we seem to be gutless when we have to face ourselves… and we cringe when others tell us point blank the truth about ourselves.

    Time to grow up people… time to ante up and face your greatest enemy… YOURSELF… not Ann Coulter.

  22. Mouhajir, the sword of free speech cuts both ways and it indicates intolerance on your part for not wishing to permit someone who you do not agree with to speak. I am certain if she was criticising christians and jews you would be cheering her on. In order to get the result of a clash of ideas there have to be two opposing ideas competing. The screaming crowd at the U of Ottawa do not represent Canadian values as far as I’m concerned, they represent a mob preventing views that challenge their viewpoints and that is traumatizing as it requires self assessment and actual intellectual rigour to adequately counter this. Of course it’s far easier to just drown someone out with a mega phone and or break windows etc… I want to re-iterate that I am not a follower of this woman nor ascribe to her views but I find it irksome that you are assuming to be an authority on what are Canadian values when you are struggling to write a sentence without making numerous grammatical and structural errors thus undermining your own argument. You cannot honestly tell me that there are not muslim speakers who have not called for violence against Christians and Jews & the west in general and did so in Canada of course cloaked in non english words. If the left/feminists/muslims etc…. want to criticize the nature of western society then should it not be fair for the reverse to occur ? It is very presumptious to lecture us as to what are and are not Canadian values as you are essentially telling me despite more likely than not being here for less than 10 years who I should listen to and who not to before allowing me to judge for myself as to whether it’s BS or not. You are in effect imposing your hurt pride on me and thus preventing me from getting the full picture, it is you and you’re type who are the censors, this is not the middle east. This is a multi-cultural society so that means there are many messages coming across and some of them are not going to be what you want to hear, but people don’t get their arms cut off as a result for saying the wrong thing, at least not yet. This is precisely why so many people want to come here but with what happened at the U of Ottawa it is possible in maybe 20 years that we could go down that road, maybe less than 20. If you want to hire a hit squad to take me out for offending you I am not hiding behind a one name posting, it’s my real name and I am afraid of nothing and no one.

  23. This article contains a pretty clear factual error: The police did not cancel the event, Coulter and her team did. The Canadian Press talked to the police and wrote:

    “Coulter and her team, including Canadian conservative Ezra Levant, cited “violence” in the crowd at the University of Ottawa and claimed that the police had shut it down. Ottawa police spokesman Alain Boucher said they saw no violence, arrested no one and had only advised Coulter’s entourage they should find a bigger space to accommodate everyone safely.”

  24. What happened to the good old days? Women should be seen and not heard, the first biggest problem was giving them the right to vote..lol. After reading the comments i have to laugh. People touting Free Speech, and those say she is preaching hate. I bet she is loving this as you are feeding the fire, giving her her 15 minutes of fame in this country. Some of the crap i have religious leaders spouting in both our countries over the the last 10 years is a drop in the bucket compared to what she has said. I don’t see anyone protesting them? Yah sure she is probably a big mouthed know it all bitch, but do i care, no! Let them hear her if they want. I am sure they are not going to come out of the building set on destroying and religious institutions or violence against racial minority. Get a brain people! I bet most of the people in the protest never even heard her speak or read any of her books, so how you judge something you haven’t heard(the sheep always follow the flock). I would listen to her, then form my opinion, and I would be offended, or i would agree to some points. In case you missed the famous camel, flying carpet crack she said to a Muslim girl….Wait what is a Muslim person doing there to hear her speak? I am sure she was not the only one. Boy if protesters did more by feeding the homeless, or doing something good, instead of protesting someone who be forgotten in a year, life would be so much better. I personally think she is just another pot stirrer, and everyone fell for it hook line and sinker.

  25. I have no idea why everyone here is allowing a massive straw-man argument to blow itself so far out of proportion here: if the U of O cancelled the speech, or if the police cancelled the speech, or if the crowds on campus cancelled the speech, then there would be something to discuss here re: ‘free speech’. But it’s all very clear here: Coulter’s team cancelled the speech. There is no story here whatsoever except a person desperate to keep herself in the public eye. We embarrass ourselves by saying even this much about her.

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