Councillor calls for investigation into Rob Ford’s football charity, again


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addresses reporters at City Hall in Toronto on Nov. 27, 2012. (Chris Young/CP)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s football charity is again at the centre of a debate at city hall, just a month after the mayor was cleared in a conflict-of-interest lawsuit involving his charity.

This latest controversy comes after the Toronto Star reported Thursday that Ford was still sending out letters to registered lobbiests soliciting donations for the Rob Ford Football Foundation.

In its report, Star reporters said they had obtained at least two letters sent by Ford to registered lobbiests in the past two months.

Now, even Ford’s allies on council are advising the mayor to back away from his charity.

Councillor Michael Thompson suggested that the mayor appoint someone else to run his charity while he’s in office. “In light of all that has happened in the last year or so with concerns about this, I think we should just put a stop to it and focus on the business of the city,” Thompson told the Star.

Councillor Gord Perks, a left-leaning councillor who opposes the mayor often, is suggesting that the integrity commissioner investigate the mayor again. “It’s a very dangerous sign that the mayor still thinks he can send letters to lobbyists and ask them for money,” Perks told the Toronto Sun. “It is a further dangerous sign that his chief of staff seems to be commenting on his relationship to the fundraising from lobbyists.”

Ford’s office said Thursday that the letters in question were part of a mass mailing, and any letter sent to a lobbiest was “inadvertent.”

They mayor himself has yet to comment. He’s on a Disneyworld vacation with his family.

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Councillor calls for investigation into Rob Ford’s football charity, again

  1. “charity”? was is wrong with that….. How many p.s., and many more for that matter, workers waste time at work? omg, someone has a lot of time on their hands, and, may that someone get a productive job, what annoying “cartoons”, uh.. I mean “news”, that is.

    • “How many public servants waste time at work?” Funny, I thought Ford was elected to put an end to that, not to find new excuses to set an even worse example himself.

      A mayor who is constantly absent from work (including a council meeting)to attend to private business that isn’t an emergency isn’t a mayor, he’s a clown – a clown who’s taking money from taxpayers on false pretences.

      • Where are the clowns?
        Don’t send in the clowns,
        He’s already here.

  2. rob ford is only going to learn his lesson, with stern punishment. No more slaps on the wrists for politicians feign ignorance.

    • nothing illegal has been done, why do you want him thrown out of office what rule has he broken?

  3. rob ford did not get in trouble for having lobbyist give money to his charity, he was in trouble for registering the lobbyist on the wrongpaper works. The lobbyist are allowed to donate to his charity, but they just need to use the correct paper work this time. Nothing illegal has happened here, this story is just a bunch of foo foo

    • No, he had his chance at using that excuse the last time. After his litigation, he knew better because he was told so by the judge….now he is doing it to say to the system that he is above all laws, rules or regulations and he will do what he wants. Typical Conservative attitude.

      • if this goes to court again, this will be such a big waste of tax payer dollars paying judges to hear such a case. As i stated earlier, everyone is allowed to donate to charities regardless of if there lobbyist or regular citizens. Also, they did not even donate yet so this story is premature.

  4. As a public figure, Rob Ford is a genuinely simple man and a tragic persona, sort of like Chance the gardener (“Chauncey Gardiner”) in Being There but without the endearing charm. Or uncomplicated wisdom. Or unintended wit. Or disarming interpersonal skills. Or ironic profundity. Or self-effacing humility. Or…

    Never mind. Ford isn’t a tragic persona, at all. He’s just pathetic.

  5. Always get people believing that you HAVE really, really, REALLY learned something Rob. Results don’t matter.

  6. What I don’t understand is that if Ford were sending letters to lobbyists asking them to donate to the United Way, it wouldn’t be a problem. Am I right here?

    • Yes, it would be a problem. he’s not a fundraiser – he’s a mayor. His fundraising and involvement with that football team are not part of the mayor’s mandate. I don’t care if Ford coaches youth for football or ballet – but he needs to do it on his own time, his own expense, supply his own assistants (with their own vehicles) and spare taxpayers the “I save kids lives” rhetoric.

      • Well you better tell that to other heads of governments and government departments because that is what they do. Where I work they have a non stop United Way campaign all year long. it gets tiresome.

  7. Councillor Thompson founded charity, Project Engagement.
    Lots of pictures of him on there

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