Country crooner George Canyon seeks Conservative Party nomination in Alberta


HIGH RIVER, Alta. – Canadian country crooner George Canyon wants to sing from the Conservative party song sheet as a member of Parliament.

Canyon, an award-winning singer who has sold more than 300,000 albums, announced Friday that he is seeking the Tory nomination in the new federal riding of Bow River in southern Alberta.

He made the announcement on a radio station in High River, the community devastated in June by torrential rain and floods. Canyon helped out during the relief campaign following the disaster.

“My wife and I were working alongside all of these volunteers, people being completely giving of themselves — strangers — and I saw that empathy and that service and I said to my wife, ‘You know, I really feel that I need to serve more.”‘

Canyon, who lives on a ranch outside the town, said there is no one single political issue that is driving him to throw his cowboy hat into the ring.

He said he just wants to ensure that the largely rural area that includes cattle ranches, grain farms, and oil and gas rigs continues to grow and prosper.

Canyon, 43, said he doesn’t plan to give up his music career and may record a campaign song called “Stand Your Ground.”

When he sings at concerts he connects with people, he said, and that wouldn’t change if he won the Tory nomination or a seat in the Commons and found himself on the political stage.

“When I put on a show, we’re having a big visit,” he said. “I feel I could really represent them by wearing their hearts on my sleeve.”

Canyon said the date for the Conservative nomination meeting for the new riding has not been set yet and he doesn’t know who he will be running against.

The sprawling riding includes the communities of Fort Macleod, Claresholm and Brooks and brushes up against the eastern outskirts of Calgary.

It does not include the town of High River.

The area encompasses parts of the existing ridings of Macleod, which was represented by Conservative Ted Menzies before he retired a few months ago, and Crowfoot, which is represented by Kevin Sorenson, minister of state for finance.

Voters in those ridings have a long history of electing Conservative or conservative-minded candidates.

In the last two elections, Menzies won more than 77 per cent of the vote, Sorenson more than 83 per cent.

Canyon said he will kick off his campaign this weekend, guitar in hand.

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Country crooner George Canyon seeks Conservative Party nomination in Alberta

  1. Great news!

    Hopefully he’ll being staying in costume and character.

    This may open the door for other fictional cowboys like Shane or Toy Story’s adorable Woody to seek public office.

  2. Stand Your Ground? I can’t think of a more subtle way to nail down the gun vote.

  3. A 2 bit singer with a fake southern accent bits the dust with the hope of entering into harper’s inner circle. I so wonder tho if he lobbies on behalf of the oil barons and tar sands in his spare time?

  4. For arguments sake, let’s say he wins the nomination and defaults into the MP job. When he gives a concert, as he has expressed his intent to continue with his other career and makes statements of a political nature, how will the concert revenue generated be interpreted? Will it be viewed as political fund-raising? If viewed as personal, what about expenses? Remember the CRAP foofaraw over Just in’s one-off speaking engagements? I see a huge can of worms just waiting to be opened.

    But then, it will after the next election and Canyon will be just another powerless back-bencher in opposition railing against the socialist hordes and joining the fight to keep former MP’s and staffers out of jail. The non-musical entertainment might make it all worthwhile. Better start stocking up on the Orville Redenbacher and looking at buying shredding company stock.

    • From what little I know of this George Canyon he seems to be a gentleman. He would seem to have overcome Type 1 diabetes and been very successful through hard work. He also seems to be very charitable.

      I will make a prediction that if politics were to increase the net cash intake of his music business, this gentleman would give the excess to charity. That is the character of the person I read about although I never heard of him until today.


      This gentleman will show the difference between himself and Junior Trudeau.
      No need for name calling from the Hate Harper crowd.

      Judge the difference between George Canyon and Junior Trudeau by their actions.

      Judge by who takes personal advantage of political position.
      Junior Trudeau has already personally pocketed several hundred thousand dollars due to his political position. DOUBLED HIS SPEAKING FEES.

    • I think the rule is you get every benefit of the doubt unless you’re justin trudeau in which case even following the rules is considered breaking the rules.

  5. He wants to be a neo-Con? Why is he not true to his values and run as a Liberal?

  6. I HAD some respect for him!

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