Court: Bring back Khadr

Federal Court of Appeal rules Ottawa should press for Canadian detainees return


The federal government has lost its bid to overturn a ruling forcing it to press for the repatriation of Omar Khadr from the Guantanamo Bay prison. The government had had argued the seriousness of the allegations against Khadr, the 22 year old Toronto native is charged with killing a U.S. army soldier in Afghanistan, should allow for his prosecution before a U.S. military tribunal. But on Friday, the Federal Court of Appeal found that Ottawa’s ongoing refusal to bring Khadr back to Canada “offends a principle of fundamental justice and violates Mr. Khadr’s rights.” The court upheld an earlier decision calling on the federal government to demand Khadr’s return “as soon as practicable.”

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Court: Bring back Khadr

  1. Is there any way to charge Stephen Harper for criminal action/intent? Doesn't this say, "Stephen Harper, you purposefully allowed a Canadian to be tortured and abused in an illegal prison and contributed to his incarceration. You, Stephen Harper, are not above the law – even as Prime Minister, and you are to be held accountable.

    This guy left a kid to rot in jail – I want to see Harper rot the same way. Justice would have it no other way.

  2. John Smith,

    Khadr was captured, detained, and interviewed by CSIS when Chretien was PM, not Harper. Martin was PM after Chretien. Why are you blaming this on Harper. The Liberals did it.

    • Uh, are you aware of who is appealing this ruling?

      • Boron,

        John Smith was saying that Harper has commited criminal acts because Khadr was tortured and/or abused. None of this abuse happened under the Harper government, it happened when the Liberals (under Chretien) were in power. Appealing a court ruling is allowed under due process (except for a ruling of the Supreme Court, of course) so how is it that Harper has done anything illegal? You may not like the fact that the ruling is being appealed but it is fully legal and allowed.

  3. Zeppo,

    Stephen Harper was the one who stopped anyone from even trying to help Omar Khadr. He appealed the first ruling, and has been vocal against any attempts to repatriate him. This kid would never have spent seven years in an illegal prison if any decent human being was Prime Minister.

    • The Federal Court ruling is in effect asking the Canadian Government to demand that the US President (Obama) interfere with the judicial independence and due process in the USA by removing Omar Khadr from the trial process and deporting him. What would happen if the US asked our PM to rip an American out of our court system and return him/her to the US? The canadian media, judges and lawyers would all be screaming their heads off about interference with our court system and judicial independence. Right now Omar Khadr is being tried for homicide under US law under US jurisdiction. I don't think any canadian interference would be tolerated. The only lawful way Obama has of releasing Khadr is to pardon him, then order him deported. Pardoning an individual who is charged with killing an american soldier is politically problematic to say the least.

  4. Also funny how this story never got picked up in ANY local publications!!! Canwest editors killed the story… Whats that say?