Coyne v. Wells on Obama’s visit


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Coyne v. Wells on Obama’s visit

  1. Why are there no comments yet for the new[?] vlog? Welcome to vlogging. Vlog is a terrible word, but there’s no better way to describe this.

  2. Comments are mostly on the HD version thread.

  3. I’m partial to SD, since I sympathize mostly with dialup users :-) even though I’m on a fast connection now.

  4. First off – great intro music.

    Second, wonderful discussion – two of my favourite columnists having a good discussion on a cool issue. Please give more!

    Leading to the third point – good for macleans for trying to figure out how to survive in a changing world of media. Not sure it’s going to work, but it’s impressive how ahead of the curve you folks are. Thanks, & please keep on trying.

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