Coyne on CityTV -

Coyne on CityTV


I did a phone-in the other day on Toronto’s CityTV, with Ipsos-Reid’s John Wright as my fellow guest. The callers were uniformly hostile to both the election call and the man who’s about to call it, which is perhaps to be expected: the kind of people who get worked up enough to call a downtown Toronto TV station are about as far from a representative sample as you can get. Still…

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Coyne on CityTV

  1. I might be way off, but I was always under the impression that CityTv was more conservative than other stations.

    Again, the only City I get is Toronto, but to me, it resembles the Sun-Tabloid chain, in style and in tone.

  2. The host’s hostility was barely restrained as well. I’m trying to remember the last time an election call wasn’t framed by the various parties by blaming each other for the fact that this sordid exercise has to happen at all. Even those who want the PM gone are upset that they get the chance. There’s much not to like about the way this has happened, but you almost get the impression that if we banned elections altogether people would appreciate saving the money.

  3. If Dion had a fighting chance of winning this election, we wouldn’t be hearing about the eeeeeeevils of democratic expression.

    Toronto center is the bastion of leftist thought.

    Any action that has the potential of furthering conservatism is treated like a malignant cancer that must be purged, even if it means fighting like hell to avoid the very act that generations of soldiers died to give us.

    Jonah Golderg’s book is looking more and more prescient.

  4. It doesn’t really make much sense to be hostile to Harper and Harper calling an election, considering it is offering them the opportunity to remove Harper.
    Just remember that you are in Toronto. The conservatives there, few in number, know to keep their heads low for fear of ostracism.

  5. I have been inside the CityTV building. The people who work there are an ecclectic mixture of business types, clubbing trendsetters, suburban and urban mommies, daddies, and singles. It is a microcosm of Toronto. The people who work there would probably vote for all three major parties plus the Greens. It is not an NDP bastion. CityTV is much more city focused than the other stations. You will find less national coverage of political news and more local coverage of the candidates in the different Toronto ridings. You will find little coverage of the Alberta Tar Sands project and lots of coverage about public transit, housing, and health. If the station appears left wing, it’s because the issues it explores are more local and affect people directly.

  6. kody, I hate to break it to you, but you are not a conservative.

    I do find it strange that Canadians of every stripe – not just people who work in downtown Toronto – are hostile to elections. Like exercising your god-given franchise is the worst burden Ottawa can impose. And, no, I don’t think that Torontonians are all being fed Liberal talking points. You’d probably get the same reaction in Winnipeg or Sydney.

  7. Funky stripes of every type.

  8. Interesting! Not what I expected. Sure, Toronto isn’t Calgary, but that was still a pretty wide swath. I guess we’ll see when the next few sets of polls roll out…

  9. Should we really expect anything else from the the SOB (South of Bloor) crowd?

  10. Mr. Andrew Coyne’s comment quoted in Macleans USA (“[Conservatism is] less an ideology than a grab bag of habits and emotional leanings, not least the dep neuroses and resentments of a party that has lost too many elections.”) could easily, if one supplants the term ‘conservative’ with ‘liberal’, apply to the Democratic Party in the US right up to the last two election cycles here- and the behavior of the Dems, now that they have a majority, bears this out in spades. Pelosi, for example.
    Personally, I think it is very clear that there is far more substance to the stance of conservatism as regards historical and economic fact than liberalism. But you can’t have any dialogue with a liberal about anything based upon these topics- you will be shrilly dismissed as a fascist or racist, merely for questioning their dear-held assumptions and beliefs.