Coyne v. Wells on Afghan prisoners and Tory flyers -

Coyne v. Wells on Afghan prisoners and Tory flyers

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Coyne v. Wells on Afghan prisoners and Tory flyers

  1. "Own goal" is just the phrase for it, well put Wells.

    • Here's another own goal.

      Leading members of the Jewish community – many identified as Liberals – have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to withdraw a taxpayer-funded Conservative flyer that they say portrays the Liberal Party as anti-Semitic…
      “We find it highly disturbing that any party or parliamentarian would attempt to use Israel as a wedge to divide the Jewish community and, indeed, Canadians, for partisan gain,” the letter says.

      • How so, prey tell ?

      • There it is, I was wondering when Globe would do it's annual article on how Lib partisan jews are outraged by Con behaviour. The last one I remember reading was a year or two ago and it made me laugh. There was some guy named Yitzhak Cohen or somesuch and he was wondering how the Cons knew he was jewish.

  2. Andrew sure had to work hard in defense of some Govt. positions and actions. He looked tired by the end of it. You'll both exhaust yourself trying to dance around saying this Govt. is a disgrace.

    • Well, obviously the two of them need to be debating somewhat, which is helped by the fact that they are friendly to each other but have differing political opinions. I don't think it is scripted, but they are going to take contrary (or semi-contrary) opinions as they speak to each other to fully explore the issue. It is natural if you are trying to discuss an issue seriously.

  3. This question is for anyone who can answer it – How do I contact Paul Wells?

    • inklesswells au gmail point com

  4. Does anyone know which panel/broadcast Paul mentions? Was is cbc's power and politics?

    • Indeed.

      • Which date, if you don't mind.

        • I think last wed, the 18th?

          • So it seems, at about the 40:00 minute mark for interested parties who haven't viewed it yet…

            Evan, Paul & other guests

            A thank you to you, sir.

          • Did you find watching that segment to be a bit, um, odd?

            I lost count of how many times Evan called this '"critical" or "explosive" or whatever; the story is interesting, for sure, and worthy of some followup and certainly worthy of better answers from the government. As well, if the story gains some momentum by hearing from others that add to Colvin's testimony, it could actually become really important.

            But to keep the other eye focused on Syd the Kid and the torch run in Halifax, good lord….I was expecting PW to get up and leave the set when Evan asked him to comment on that story instead of continuing to discuss the Afghan detainee story.

          • I agree. I remember watching that and thinking someone should be demoted for making the decision to cut away from torture talk in order to watch Syd the Kid surrounded by dozens of people. Producers could have waited another minute or two before switching to Halifax.

  5. It is only Monday, Wells! I assume this taped last week or else Wells had the worst day ever.

    Nothing to add about Afghan debate except that I agree that Cons should be taking this much more seriously then they are. I would like an inquiry because I wish 'how do we treat POWs' to be a national debate and inquiry is only way to achieve it. I don't trust advisers to write proper reports – pols can't stop being pols, they are always looking for political advantage.

    Also agree with two of you about Jews/Libs/Cons. Libs acting like Victorian virgins is a bit rich – reap what you sow and all that. The LIbs are so vexed by this issue because they know the accusation could easily stick – you can't have incident like Rae's and not expect people to wonder what's going on within the party.

    "Bob Rae was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership contest, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish. Sources close to Rae say that his wife, Arlene Perly Rae, was approached during last weekend's convention by a delegate who didn't realize she was the candidate's wife. The delegate told her not to vote for Rae "because his wife is Jewish." CTV, Dec 7 '06

    • Of course it couldn't have been a Con operative up to dirty tricks. Heavens no, why didn't I even mention it?

    • If you are NOT a political junkie, live in the Ottawa bubble this "explosive" scandal broke already in 2007. It did not last more than a few weeks?

      A problem for the CPC is the opposition have thrown over 50 scandals since 2006 as serious issue. At some point it is reasonable to tune out the relentless charges and "explosive" scandals every other week from the MSM and opposition.

      How many days have we spent debating about $ 150 million on advertising (Signs, tv ads EAP) by the government, the letter "c", logos on cheques?

      Last week two of the three opposition parties were suggesting the Federal Government were responsible for deaths because the rollout was slow before that torch relay was rigged? I gave up listening the Liberals after the fake wafer story covered by the media and pushed our MSM.

      Colvin arrived in 2006 and changes were made 17 months later. Problems reported and resolved.
      A reasonable person would not hold confidence in political parties who cry wolf every other day. This matter was brought up in 2007 and changes were made with an enhanced detainee policy. Why in 2009 are we revisiting this issue?

      Most Canadians don't pay attention and less than 60% showed up to excercise our VOTE. How many of us are care about a problem involving 50-100 people who may have been treated badly by their own jailers thousands of miles away two years ago?

      • I agree that this issue is not going to move polls all that much but Canadians handing over people to torturers was immoral and I don't wish for it to be repeated.

        • I am not going to pretend stuff did NOT happen. That is delusional. I only ask we have proof before we tar the military, Colvin, Liberal, CPC governments.

          We have homeless dying everyday from neglect on our streets in our cities. We have problems in Caledonia, unsafe drinking water in Canada on my list of higher priorities of spending millions for a third investigation before the first two are complete.

          The Mulroney Inquiry was how much and we learned?

  6. Afghan detainees:
    The problem with the committee system is that IF witnesses are under oath, they will state very generally how they ALWAYS supported human rights and would certainly have acted to comply with Canadian and international war crimes law if they had known … but no one told them(!) there was a problem.

    No one supplied THEM with an internet connection and links to Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, the AIHRC back in 20**.

    The clock will run out before proper follow-up questions can be asked.
    Then, "We have bells in 30 minutes … gotta go!"
    Then, we have fake points of order and privilege for 30 minutes. There is no time and very little talent present at the committees to get answers.

    Silly policies are something we are accustomed to living with in Canada.
    However, when we go outside our borders with guns and contribute to situations which may damage our country's reputation and undermine international law … we should probably expect much more from ALL of our politicians and their appointees.

  7. what happened to using good music as intros and outros?

    • There was a quick note at the beginning soliciting tunes, so I guess they're shopping for fresh ones.

  8. Re the 10%-er, since the printed material is "within the bounds of civilized debate" (as Andrew puts it), then I would think that falsely leveling an accusation of an accusation of racism should be treated very seriously. Especially when the very public accusation of the accusation has been as indignant and vehement as it has, is it not a failing of the media to hold the Liberals to account for this? The truth is that they are the ones that are preventing a civilized debate. But it seems as if no one wants to go there with this story.