Coyne v. Wells on Harper’s new government and Layton’s new job

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Coyne v. Wells on Harper’s new government and Layton’s new job

  1. If Coyne is right in that the LPC needs to decentralize it’s power in order to come back, I would suggest that it is dead. The LPC will never decentralize power, either in the gov’t, or in it’s own inner workings.

  2. I concur with Wells, I will believe when I see it as well.

    Coyne – you are trying to have Liberal Party and its members re-write scorpion/frog parable and it is not at all likely to happen. Liberal Party is all about technocrats and political correctness and you suggest they return to roots of liberalism which is quite libertarian.

    All I know is if what Coyne describes sounds good to me – because us economic conservatives could then return home to liberalism – than it is not going to sound reasonable to 99.9% of Liberal members.

    Enjoy your hols, Coyne. Hope there is lots of sun and craic wherever you’re going.

  3. …but what does Wells love about Alberta schools?? 

    I got a call from a provincial Tory mp in the last election there and so I asked about his view on charter schools. He said they were definitely a good thing and that the amount of choice in Alberta set it apart from Ontario where he was from. Does Paul like school vouchers even, or is it just the success of basically the current system?

  4. AC makes an awful lot of sense on the libs, they’re best hope apart from one of the other parties doing a face plant [ never to be discounted entirely] is to reaquire the radical centrist extreme middle tag again. This would require some real soul searching and some real long institutional memory on the part of the party. Wells is quite correct to be sceptical, but signs of unrest amongst a long dorment and long abused liberal grassroots is perhaps the first real sign of organic life in the party in a very long time.
    Enjoy your holiday guys. And i hope you take some of this message into the heart of liberal land when you get back AC – if they wont listen at all – then f’k em, they deserve all they have coming. Because i firmly believe for social dems a viable if not dominent centrist party is vital to the future well being of this country. Even if the dippers moderate and do well the evidence is the country will be dragged irrevocably right, mostly to the detriment of progressive minded centrists like myself. If it happens, so be it. There are other options available to fend off the downsides of a majority approved mandate for neo-liberalism in the country, but directly effecting/influencing policy decisions from within the politcal institutions that rule our present and future lives is always preferable.

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