Coyne v. Wells on Rupert Murdoch and the News International scandal -

Coyne v. Wells on Rupert Murdoch and the News International scandal

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Coyne v. Wells on Rupert Murdoch and the News International scandal

  1. I think News Corp will be in much trouble if real evidence emerges that reporters were hacking into 9/11 victims phone messages. 

    Otherwise, I agree with Coyne that NOTW/Murdoch story is more to do with intersection of politics, celebrity, bureaucracy and pols. Do things differently over there in UK, press and pols have completely different relationship than do here and I don’t think Brits will be shocked by same things our liberal msm is.

    Too right News Corp is paying for its bad behaviour right now and well into future. Think of court cases to come over next few years when police, bureaucrats and reporters are testifying about their relationships with pols and one another. Murdoch will be paying premium for new executives because it is going to be thankless task for years yet. 

    Journos hacking into phone, while deplorable, does not seem so shocking when looking at other crime stories across Nation.

    Wiki: “William Maxwell “Max” Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook …. In the 1930s, while personally attempting to dissuade King Edward VIII from continuing his potentially ruinous affair with American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, Lord Beaverbrook’s newspapers published every titbit of the affair, especially allegations about pro-Nazi sympathies …. During the Second World War, his friend Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, appointed Beaverbrook as Minister of Aircraft Production and later Minister of Supply.”

  2. Also, it seems to me that Canadian journos self censor themselves just fine and Government does not need to create new bodies to police them. And on rare occasions when our journos do step out of line, Government always intervenes.

    Why does Steyn no longer write for Maclean’s? Why is Potter always claiming that Muslims are assimilating wonderfully? Why has no asked Layton about underage hookers at brothel he was attending? 

    “Maclean’s magazine is pleased that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed the complaint brought against it by the Canadian Islamic Congress.”

    Just last month, Statistics Canada released a study documenting a 42 per cent increase in hate crimes in 2009 compared to 2008, with 71 per cent of the crimes motivated by religion targeting the Jewish community.–ottawa-urged-to-tackle-anti-semitism-amid-startling-increase-in-hate-crimes

    Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and his wife, Aline, entertained the Parliamentary Press Gallery at 24 Sussex Drive last Thursday at what is likely to have been their last annual garden party for the press.

    The NDP were chic while the Conservatives were family-friendly at their respective annual garden parties last week.

    Canada’s lacklustre federal election campaign has finally ignited after claims the man many tip to be the country’s next prime minister was found naked by police in a suspected illegal brothel.

    • I hope Steyn is gone because people like me cancelled their subscriptions.

      Maybe it’s time to renew…