Coyne v. Wells on the Liberal surge

Andrew Coyne and Paul Wells discuss the recent surge the Liberals are receiving in the polls



Coyne v. Wells on the Liberal surge

  1. The PMO is putting a brave face on things, trying to make it seem like the Libs are playing right into Harpers hands.

    The reality is that Harper has used up all of his political capital, and its time for the old man to head out to pasture. Harpers function of building the organization has been fulfilled, and its time to get someone in there with a little more credibility and likability to lead the organization.

    I have been a staffer on the hill since before the party’s inception, and I have seen a lot of people sacrifice their values for the promise of power. I think now more than ever, there is a public appetite for principled conservatism. The tough choices we have had to make as a party has arguably been the right thing to do, but it has come with the cost of damaging the parties image and alienating its core supporters.

    There is plenty of people ready to take the reigns, and in the coming months we might see this sentiment spill out in the open. Its bubbling just beneath the surface right now, and most of us are just keeping our heads down hoping to come out with our jobs.

  2. Don’t know if you can hear me, but your comment board is empty on both of the PW/ AC posts.

  3. Try hitting ‘refresh’ if you are using Internet Explorer. Better yet, switch browsers.

  4. What is the poster in Paul Well’s Room? As best I can tell, it means “I love (heart) california over there”, or something like that. Am I close?

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