Coyne v. Wells on the meaning of Michael Jackson


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Coyne v. Wells on the meaning of Michael Jackson

  1. I'm sure you have both provided an excellent deconstruction of Jackson's music/career (I say I'm sure because I really don't know enough to offer an informed opinion). However, I don't know that an intellectual analysis of his musical accomplishments is going to provide an explanation for the hagiographic comments coming from all quarters. In fact, I don't think you will ever square that circle because people are reacting not to the music itself, but what the music meant to them: How it made them feel, how it got them through a rough time (I remember my brother playing "She's Out of My Life" over and over when he broke up with his girlfriend in high school – ok, maybe not the best example). Jackson's music never meant anything to me, but clearly, it meant quite a bit to a lot of people, even if his voice was weak, and he hasn't had a hit in years. I do agree with Andrew though that a dedicated memorial issue is a bit OTT.

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