Coyne v. Wells on the meaning of Michael Jackson

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Coyne v. Wells on the meaning of Michael Jackson

  1. Anyone else think truemuse is Greek?

    The MJ story makes me think about how awful people can create wonderful things. Jackson was a musical genius for 14 years between I Want You Back and Beat It and then completely lost the plot.

    • A musical genius? He was like Nana Mouskouri. You can hear his vocal stylings in the Top 40 today and I could do without them. And Nana Mouskouri….For myself, I put Michael Jackson in that box with The Carpenters and The Osmonds. I never warmed to his music, and the reports of child abuse, and his eccentric wierdness didn't endear him to me. What I liked about him was his courage to put himself on stage. To the end. He wasn't the best, he wasn't the brightest, but he shone for so many for so long because he gave so much on stage.

  2. For some reason your latest episode is not updated on itunes..

  3. If you take into account he probably had very little to do with the music he created, you could definitely say his musical influence is over-rated. I don't hate his stuff but I think it's strangely lucky as the second best selling album ever. (And yet PsychoCandy wallows in relative obscurity).

    If you really want to be uncharitable, you could say CBS broke the colour barrier by refusing to give ANY vidoes if they didn't play his stuff.

    But the fact that Coyne can't name other Jackson 5 songs shouldn't be taken as an indication of their output. The Love You Save, One Bad Apple and Sugar Daddy are also great songs. Their 20the Century Masters album is something like 30 songs long, and most of it is really good.

  4. Even though I wasn't a huge fan. He did make the 80's a whole lot more bearable with his upbeat music. Being a waitress in the 80's at a disco/eatery he made work more of a pleasure as the excitement from his music spilled over to lift us out of the doldrums of our daily job. The unique thing is my daughter and her friends (11) love thriller and were just learning the moves this year- even though they new the music from before. The generation "gap" most parents feel with their kids music choices is so far unrecognizable to myself as our kids embrace our old previous loves to try out for themselves.

  5. I'm sure you have both provided an excellent deconstruction of Jackson's music/career (I say I'm sure because I really don't know enough to offer an informed opinion). However, I don't know that an intellectual analysis of his musical accomplishments is going to provide an explanation for the hagiographic comments coming from all quarters. In fact, I don't think you will ever square that circle because people are reacting not to the music itself, but what the music meant to them: How it made them feel, how it got them through a rough time (I remember my brother playing "She's Out of My Life" over and over when he broke up with his girlfriend in high school – ok, maybe not the best example). Jackson's music never meant anything to me, but clearly, it meant quite a bit to a lot of people, even if his voice was weak, and he hasn't had a hit in years. I do agree with Andrew though that a dedicated memorial issue is a bit OTT

  6. Gentlemen,
    I'm not sure we can judge a soul's purpose on earth. Most people are trying to do their best. Celebrity is no picnic. And while you two aren't quite in the glare of that spotlight…you're still in the public eye. No doubt we don't really "know" you, either. Mis-perception is the vagary of the human condition.
    As Shaw said: "the real moment of success is not the moment apparent to the crowd."

  7. The sales of Jackson's albums are sufficient to render him the greatest artist of all time. To deny him that title would be akin to not recognizing Celine Dion as the greatest Canadian artist ever!

    • Celine is that you?