Coyne v. Wells on the uprising in Libya

Should western leaders have dealt with Gadhafi in the past? Also: why the Tories have pulled ahead in the polls


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Coyne v. Wells on the uprising in Libya

  1. If Mr. Coyne's argument re: a certain group of voters always pulling back when it starts to look like the Tories might get a majority (which could also explain four polls showing a double digit Tory lead being immediately followed by a poll showing their lead at only 5%) would this not also suggest that the Tories may have indeed reached their ceiling, somewhere in the high 30s?

  2. Killer wallpaper Wells.

  3. On Gadhafi, we are seeing the downside to being engaged with tyranical regimes to try to influence them, rather than isolating them with sanctions to try and weaken them. Which is a more effective strategy? Would the populace of Libya and other middle eastern have the tools to stage an uprising without economic and political engagement? Does the fact that we are economically and politically engaged with this regimes taint us and eventually ensure that we incur the hatred of that populace when they eventually change regimes?

    I don't know the answer to that myself.

  4. I can imagine Stephen Harper playing bejeweled everynight before bed and playing out in his mind the leaders' debates against Michael Ignatieff. He's going to destroy him in both english and french. The only hope the Liberals have of keeping Stephen Harper to a minority is to really focus on vulnerable ridings in the 905 and Atlantic Canada and cross their fingers that Quebec City voters will stay home or switch their votes because of the arena. That said if you take a drive through Quebec City and the surrounding area and you will see so much pork from the past 5 years it would be hard for non-conservative candidates to argue that the conservatives have ignored the area…

  5. Al Jazeera. Facebook. Twitter. Mobile phones. Internet. Satellite tv. Foreign investment.

    In these countries, far more profound impact than NGOs or declarations of /isolation by western countries, I'd argue.

    • I'd concur, Dot.

  6. Would of been cool to hear more Wells. And less Coyne interrupting Paul, every time Paul was trying to talk. But Paul's facial expressions where kinda funny..

    Cool pic in the background of Wells…

    Still it would of been better if Coyne did less rambling.

  7. A short while ago I thought I heard the PM saying that Canada was considering a wide range of responses to the deaths in Lybia – I thought "That sounds reasonable."

    This range of options includes unilateral or multilateral embargoes, and apparently we are also considering an arms embargo – I thought "WTH? Why would an arms embargo not already be in place?"

  8. A couple of Toronto 'elites' sitting around contemplating their navels. Both men made some reasonable points, however, opinions are just that, opinions, kinda like a good dump in the morning–everybody has one. How about one more theory on the Conservatives holding on–demographics. Perhaps that old adage rings here–'if you aren't a Liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you are still a Liberal at 40 you have no brains. Certainly not a Coyne fan but didn't think he interrupted all that much.

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