Coyne v. Wells on torture spin and HST pirouettes

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Coyne v. Wells on torture spin and HST pirouettes

  1. Somebody in the Liberal Party must be listening to you two. Here's what Ignatieff said about the HST today.

    "Our party for 15 years has supported sales tax harmonization. This is a request from the provinces, because they believe it'll improve the competitiveness of their economy and create jobs," Mr. Ignatieff said after convening a special meeting of his caucus to discuss the tax. "We will support this legislation in Parliament."…
    "Let me just observe that Stephen Harper's walked away from this issue, not taking any responsibility for it, trying to pretend he has nothing to do with it," Mr. Ignatieff said. "This is initiated by Mr. Harper, and leadership means taking responsibility for your decisions. I've done so today. I wonder why he has not."

    It's too early to tell, but I can't help but think this simple stand will be looked at months from now as a game changer.

  2. "If everyone in Ottawa knows something, it's not true"

    The Libs are having had hard time deciding because it is more than academic exercise to them. You two leave out discussion of why it might be good, electorally/poll wise, for Libs to come out against a tax. HST is not popular and it might do Libs world of good to be seen supporting the electorate instead of business/bureaucrats.

    Libs do not have reputation for being principled so they can't lose it. Whatever Libs do, people will not be shocked by their behaviour. Iggy has been weather vane for months, and I agree that does need to change, but I don't see why it has to start with this issue.

  3. Two comments in:

    If Coyne and Wells are in favour of it, that's why the Liberals shouldn't support it!

  4. The Liberals should just be honest about their ideology to Canadians:

    "We are against all for which the Conservatives and NDP stand, unless it is polling well."

  5. The NDP is being too disingenuous. They can just as easily support an increase in the semi-annual GST rebate that low- income taxpayers get.

  6. For Ignatieff to announce today that the Liberal party "for 15 years has supported sales tax harmonization" then that begs the question . Why has the Liberal party under Michael Ignatieff – to use the words of ( leader in waiting of the Liberal party) Bob Rae , been skating on the issue for the past several weeks and holding clandestine meetings to decide the Liberal position before Canadians are informed just days before the vote?
    What is baffling to Canadians is Ignatieff's absurd and incomprehensible observation today "Harper has walked away from this issue – not taking any responsibility" . Hello – can someone remind him that it is the Conservative government that has the bill before the House on which the vote will be held this week and Harper is still the leader – it is Ignatieff's leadership that is tenuous and fragile not Harpers.

  7. I don't blame Harper for keeping his mouth shut with the media. They twist his comments every which way which does not move his stated plans forward.

    The torture allegations that occurred in the Liberal time in power have been dealt with. They moved the file along to the point where they have a clear agenda that seems to be working. According to the Red Cross and all others, but one man.

    This is the first that I have heard that things in this file moved too slowly. Let's then have a Royal Commission on the civil service negligence on this file. Certainly the Conservatives would morally and politically have an interest in doing the right thing. I would have a lot of trouble with the intelligence of anyone who would rationally think otherwise

  8. "On that score, let's talk again Monday."

    Not you too, Wells!

  9. Andrew sitting in his poorly-lit apartment with a partially buttoned dress shirt, Paul Wells sitting in an office with bookshelves in the background wearing quite a nice suit. Hrm…

  10. Enjoyable as always, guys.

    This isn't showing up in the podcast, though. The file doesn't seem to exist when you try to download it, either. You can only watch it in the little viewer on the website.

    On topic: I'm going to be optimistic and blame this HST ridiculousness on the fact that Peter Donolo hasn't quite done turning the ship around. Not to be a Liberal fanboy, but because credible and organized opposition makes parliament better. If only they could argue for their own rights re: the torture memos.

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