Crosby back to the bench with concussion-like symptoms

Doctors: normal to see setbacks on the way to recovery


Sidney Crosby announced on Monday that he will not be able to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins after receiving a hit to head during a game on Dec. 5 against the Boston Bruinshe that revived some concussion symptoms. “I know I got hit on the head there,” Crosby said. Experts say that some setbacks on the way to recovery from a serious concussions are not unusual, and that it may be too soon to speak about forced retirement for Crosby, the Globe and Mail reports. The Pittsburgh Penguins provided no timetable for Crosby’s return.

The Globe and Mail

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Crosby back to the bench with concussion-like symptoms

  1. Experts say…. There is a serious lack of knowledge about brain injuries. So who cares what experts say. I feel bad for Crosby but somethings are more important than hockey.

  2. This csase study in Crosby could really be important with respect to recent concussions suffered by other young stars in the NHL – in the last 7 days, in addition to Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux and now Milan Michaelek have gone down with concussions, and David Perron missed almost 100 games with a concussion.

    And all of them were the result of accidental contact with teammates. I think that the non-helmet equipment has to be looked at as well, in addition to the helmets.

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