Cross-border shoppers cheer new duty-free limits


New rules on duty-free limits kick in today for Canadians who return with merchandise from trips to the United States.

On return from an overnight trip across the border, Canadians are now allowed to bring $200 word of goods, up from $50. Those who spend two to seven days in the States may declare $800, rather than $400. And those gone longer can spend $800.

The changes were announced in Jim Flaherty’s spring budget.

Stephen Fine, founder of online shopping resource crossbordershopping.ca, told the Canadian Press that while consumers will cheer the new rules, Canadians are still barred from bringing back any duty-free goods purchased on a same-day excursion to the U.S.

“There’s been a lot of disappointment about that from our audience because the majority of cross-border shoppers are same-day shoppers,” Fine told CP, adding trips of less than 24 hours make up about half of all visits to the U.S.

Customs officials say they don’t anticipate a stampede across the border.

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Cross-border shoppers cheer new duty-free limits

  1. We want the same limit apply to same-day shoppers.

  2. ……”$200 words of goods” ??

  3. What an ignorant policy. The reason why Canadian retail goods are higher priced is because of the Dutch Disease. The overvalued dollar means expenses like the real cost of wages are higher.

    But the overvalued loonie is not a free lunch. We are paying the price with the loss of 500,000 good-paying jobs and $50B trade deficits (-3% GDP) that hemorrhage wealth and jobs. We can’t afford to keep spending more on imports than we earn with exports, which we are basically doing on high levels of borrowing. What will eventually happen is that the economy will go into recession and we will no longer be able to afford the imports.

    When the Liberals were in power we had a manufacturing boom that built up trade surpluses that helped us pay down the deficit. Harper is doing the very opposite, which will have all the opposite effects. With declining wages and GDP growth, we will end up with higher budget deficits as tax revenues fall. Harper’s “economic action plan” is more like a “dangerous economic experiment.”

  4. Why anyone bothers with most things is a puzzle to me. Not worth the hassle.

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