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Crowdfunding Evolution


Earlier this year, the very excellent Baba Brinkman was awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust to make a series of music videos for the Rap Guide to Evolution, to “promote the public understanding of science”. He’s been working on with a crew in London to shoot the videos; the above clip is a preview.

But over the course of making the videos, he’s upped his ambition. From an email he sent out the other day:

…we want to take them to the next level by weaving in original animation, digital effects, and high-quality nature footage licensed from sources like the BBC.  Imagine a four-minute short film, part Eminem-style rap music video, part David Attenborough-style nature documentary, illustrating themes such as the common descent of all human beings from African ancestors and the processes of natural and sexual selection that shaped our bodies and minds and the rest of nature.

To pay for it, Baba and his partners have decided to try “crowdfunding” — essentially you pay upfront for the DVD, when they get their target they’ll produce the videos. If they don’t reach the target in sixty days you get your money back. If you like the project and want to support it, you have options:  £10 gets you a download of the finished videos, £20 gets you a DVD, and £30 buys you immortality: they will put your photo in one of the videos, representing a branch on the human family tree. HOW COOL A XMAS PRESENT IS THAT?

Here’s the link to the crowdfunding site.

And here is the Rap Guide to Evolution

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Crowdfunding Evolution

  1. FanTAStic!

    Anything that gets science out to young people is great. This is one I'll pass along!

  2. Righteous. I'm in.

  3. If only Barry White were still alive. He'd be much better for natural and sexual selection. I can't imagine diming the lights & putting eminem or any other rap artist on the CD & etc.

    I know all the young'ns say its cool. But, well, what do they know? They're getting educated about evolution via rap music.

    Didn't they used to call Crowdsourcing making a donation?

  4. Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but I find this very uninspiring. From what I understand, this guy got a grant, which he is leveraging to raise more money to "promote the public understanding of science" by selling DVDs and CDs. Is it just me, or is he basically asking the public to pay him four different times to do something that the public school system is already responsible for?

    • Adk the next 10 young people you meet, especially from out-of-province, if they studied evolution in school.

      As to Baba Brinkman

  5. Forty percent of the people polled in U.S do not understand evolution. This group prefers a bronze age myths to established science. Education is the key but confronting the " dinosaurs walked with humans " Sarah Palins s , Tony Clements s and Stockwell Day s etc would be part of the solution. We need to confront these simple minded individuals with the facts.