CRTC decides against regulating Netflix

Commission finds “no clear evidence” online services are harming broadcasters


The CRTC announced Wednesday it would not regulate online streaming services like Netflix. The commission had been investigating the possibility of imposing content rules on Netflix and other services similar to those levied against traditional television networks. But after months of consultations, the CRTC found, “There is no clear evidence that Canadians are reducing or canceling their television subscriptions” and turning toward the unregulated services to replace them. Another review is scheduled for next May, which could result in online content being regulated for the first time.

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CRTC decides against regulating Netflix

  1. You call that freedom?

  2. Regulating Netflix would be like telling the (now largely defunct) video stores what to put on their shelves; other than the delivery model, it’s the same business.

    It’s one thing to tell someone what they can broadcast over public airwaves; it’s another to tell people wha they can or can’t buy.

    Good decision, CRTC.

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