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CSIS director: ‘I will not be stepping down’

Fadden defends comments suggesting some Canadian politicians are foreign agents


CSIS director Richard Fadden defended the statements he made in a a remarkably candid interview with CBC News before a Commons committee on Monday, insisting he has no intention of stepping down over his controversial assertion some public officials in Canada are under the influence of foreign governments. Though Fadden pledged he “would not offer such detail again,” he defended his openness as “good public policy” and said his comments “did not in any way threaten national security.” However, Fadden wouldn’t reveal the names of which public officials he was referring to despite persistent questioning by MPs who accused him of tainting the their profession. Rather, he plans to offer that information to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews in an upcoming report. “I revealed one small detail,” Fadden testified, “which as I’ve said, I regret, but no, I will not be stepping down.”

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CSIS director: ‘I will not be stepping down’

  1. …….despite persistent questioning by MPs who accused him of tainting the their profession.

    LOL, it will take a lot more than anything Fadden could do to resurrect the image of the profession of politics.

  2. do you people actually think that not even a SINGLE politician COULD be under foreign influence?!?!? Do you really?? Cuz I have some WMD's in Iraq to sell you. People just have no idea what is happening in Canada: our ALLIES spy on us and you think China – remember GhostNet? – would not? WOW the level of ignorance is astounding. Good thing THOSE types are not running CSIS!

  3. Children start their training in Terrorism 101 in Ontario Schools. (Toronto 18)

    A citizen visiting our Country is treated with inept police officers who do everything to stop his heart from beating minus shooting him because we wouldn't want to get the gun registry argument going. Again.

    Kids die by their own hands because they can not take the Bullying any more at our schools.

    Over $800,000 disappear from Ontario School and no one noticed.

    Our Politicians waited to the very last day to stop Karla from getting a pardon.
    How professional is that?

    Who is looking after our country anyway? Maybe we should have a special victims Unit to investigate all the Agencies that have abused their power and let people die from stupid acts or do nothing to safe guard our country.

    I nominate Richard Fadden as our first National Ombudsman in charge of exposing stupidity!

  4. Is Mr. Fadden being muzzled? There has to be more to this story than we're being told. Things in Ottawa are very rarely what they appear to be. My only concern with the story is that Mr. Fadden admitted that he "lost track of where he was" when he was speaking off the cuff at a Q&A after a speech in a room full of people that did not have security clearance with CBC cameras present. At the very least, surely that must be some kind of breach of CSIS protocol.


  5. Broad accusations against unnamed elected officials. Sounds like senator McCarthy has been resurrected. Harper is being influenced by the Israeli lobby to the detriment of Canada's reputation for being even handed, yet Fadden takes no issue with this.

  6. It is odd how people can pull apart what a person says but fail to see any real issues. The old can't see the forest becuase of the trees. Social issues such as the safety of children, home grown terror and abuse of our rights takes back stage to …gee he said this …gee he should not have said that in front of a group of news media. Heck with reality… the media is the story…think we have head that line before….nothing changed in 50 years. Same old same old. Who cares about human rights in this country! Who cares about governments doing as they want unchecked and prepared to violate any ones human rights. No big deal kids are killing each other over Toronto Real Estate.

  7. A full, in-depth, four hour explanation of the entire process of how foreign governments involve themselves within the domestic affairs Canada is on youtube at: ( – http://www.youtube.com/danshot100 – ). All 35 videos were posted a week or so before the CBC's June 2010 interview with Fadden. The series explains national networks of organized foreign interests active in Canada, including all the links that foreign governments use in Canada: national cultural associations, protest groups and political parties. It explains also how groups in Canada willingly link themselves to foreign governments.

  8. Name names Mr. Fadden, show the links. The public must know these things.

  9. It's good to see that the majority of people commenting here have more common sense than most of the politicians we voted into power. If these politicians are not doing what Fadden stated then they should not be concerned about having their activities looked into by CSIS. They are voted into their positions by Canadians and are supposed to serve our best interests, not those of other countries. I just hold issue with the fact that it has been reported that when the final report comes in that the actual names of these politicians will only be seen by senior Government members, they should be posted on the front page of every Newspaper in the country.