CSIS director says foreign influence problem is real

Confidential report to minister warns of ‘clandestine efforts by foreign governments’


In a confidential report to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, CSIS director Richard Fadden warned that “clandestine efforts by foreign governments to influence our officials, policies and communities” are ongoing, adding those targeted by the efforts are “subject to threats, coercion or potential blackmail.” Fadden wrote the report following a controversial interview with the CBC during which Canada’s top spy claimed that public officials in Canada are under the thumb of foreign governments. The investigation of foreign interference presents “several challenges” to CSIS, the director wrote, notably having to distinguish between foreign interference and legitimate lobbying.

CBC News

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CSIS director says foreign influence problem is real

  1. Ahh yes, everyone is attacking us…but then what else would he say in an era where budget cutbacks are likely?

    Gotta protect the turf, so ramp up the supposed threats.

    • Is CSIS implying Mr. Ignatieff is under the U.S. State Department to keep Harper in power, and legitimate opposition out?

      Extraordinary! Who would have guessed Mr. Fadden would leak this. Hilary must be FURIOUS!

  2. I thought we would go through an election after Richard Fadden pointed out how Parliament was full of moles and spies. Then I thought we'd have an election after the Conservatives conspired to have a domestic politician, named Marc Emery, thrown into a foreign prison in Georgia. Then I thought we'd have an election after romantic Vic Toews, then Minister of Security, allowed the Google espionage van into Canada sniffing passwords and email from every institution we have. Then I thought we would have an election after Harper had secret talks with US officials to hand over the Canadian border to the Americans. Now again, further details of agents of influence, manipulating our MP's and other government officials is revealed by Fadden and I think we need an election with no delay, ideally with a paper ballot we can see. That would be my silver lining; a new year with reasonable accommodations and fewer effective foreign agents of influence in The House.

    • Mr. Ignatieff is a U.S. mole? I guess he was being trained for SOMETHING in all that time at Harvard.

      • You already made that joke. Did you really think it was funny at all, let alone enough to be repeated?

  3. Fadden get off your posterior and instead of crying wolf all the time and do some real MI6 or CIA stuff and actually finger the offenders and nail them. But the only problem is he does not have a case , just smoke and mirrors, but it make CISIS look good. Not. Another Harper stooge that has reached his level of incompetance

  4. The investigation of foreign interference presents “several challenges” to CSIS, the director wrote, notably having to distinguish between foreign interference and legitimate lobbying.

    Here's a suggestion: let's make their activities PUBLIC. We can then permit the people of Canada to judge for themselves what might be legitimate lobbying, what might be foreign interference, and what might be an inappropriate gift / bribe / junket designed to later influence or blackmail.

    So, how about it, Mr. Fadden? Can we hold off on all that disappearing ink that was released under the FIA?

    • OK. I am thoroughly stumped. Dear silent thumbdowners: what was so objectionable about the suggestion to publish activity of foreign governments on our soil? If it's legitimate lobbying, it should be registered and reviewable anyways. And if it's more sinister, we deserve to know which countries are interfering with us, and which politicians are being interfered with.

      Where am I so hopelessly wrong, here? Speak up, you silent disapprovers. Speak!

    • Here's a suggestion: let's make their activities PUBLIC.

      Exactly. Equally relevant to foreign interests and internal interests.

    • I would LOVE to see political activity go public; where we would actually have a say in matters concerning us!! Them dudes and dudettes are playing russian roulette with our lives – our blood, sweat and tears. I would not be holding my breath waiting for this miracle to manifest itself.

  5. so allowing foreingners to take up half of all your major cities may bring you under foreign infulence?Who knew, thanks Trudeau and all you other "progressive" runts may history judge you all accordingly.

    • Send the foreigner back to Harvard. We need a real opposition leader.

  6. Claims by CSIS that Mr. Ignatieff is under the influence of the U.S. State Department to maintain a dummy opposition in order to keep Mr. Harper in power should require further evidence.

  7. Oh, O;m sure that the US wants to keep Harper in power, Harper, the guy who helped sink the Climate Conference. Harper the guy who the US wouldn't go to bat for at the UN. Maybe CSIS should be looking into Harper's ties to Israel and NGO Monitor given his Israel "right or wrong" policy.

  8. Seventy-five percent of our trade is with the US, so you could say that Canada has already been infilitrated economically by the United States. The real moles are the trucks bearing US products to Canada, but it's all legal because of NAFTA. Now, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Renault Automotive Company (of which the French government owns 15 per cent) understands that the most dangerous form of espionage is sometimes industrial. Because Renault is in partnership with Nissan to bulld a completely electric car within the next decade, the Chinese are after their secrets. The kind of moles that Canada should really be afraid of are the ones that sell the industrial secrets to our competitors that could hurt or destroy Canadian businesses and cause Canadians to lose their jobs.

    • Agreed ,

      Too much US influence in Canadian affairs , we need to be arms length with ALL trade relationships that we support !!!
      No Favourites !

  9. I think Mr. Fadden's worries about foreign governments infiltrating and influencing Canadian politics is a serious problem and he is doing an excellent job by warning these "clueless" politicians on some real dangers that Canada faces. It is very naive for Canadians not to take this matter seriously enough and make facile rants about the bad Americans (and Israelis). Saying that the US is our "main enemy" is OK for hockey games but it's totally immature and dumb to think like that politically, militarily and economically. There is a also a certain smugness about many Canadians (especially politicians) believing that we can "outsmart" other countries (besides the US) and downplay or underestimate the extremely ambitious goals of certain "emerging" nations. It goes way beyond simple "lobbying" and the CSIS knows that. Fadden is not naming countries because of the prevailing "multi-cultural political correctness" rubbish in Canada (you can infer from this fact that the real danger is not from the US, duh!)