Feds likely considering bigger CSIS role abroad

Federal government rumored to be weighing foreign espionage option


Now that is has a parliamentary majority, the Conservative government of Stephen Harper may soon dust off plans for endowing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service with powers to conduct covert operations abroad, writes the National Post’s John Ivison. Currently, CSIS can only engage in foreign espionage to stave off a known, direct threat to Canada. In the previous government, hot potato cases such as Omar Khadr’s and Adil Charkaoui’s forced the Conservatives to shelve the plan, adds Ivison citing anonymous sources. Now, though, they seem ready to push for expanding CSIS’s role abroad once again.

The National Post

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Feds likely considering bigger CSIS role abroad

  1. Well, good on the Cons for transporting us back to the 50’s. We’ll have our own Cold War operatives playing cloak-and-dagger games all over the world. While we’re at it, can we have our very own House Committee on un-Canadian Activities?

    • you’d rather take info from foreign info from other agencies that could or could not be right 
      i think not this is long overdue it better if we could spy on other countries and get info for ourselves and analyze for ourselves  instead of relying on others to do it for us I say it about time

      • Sure, now we can have the bumbling Keystone Kops at CSIS embarrassing us abroad as well as at home.

        • or we can create a seperate Canadian  Foreign intelligence Service(CFIS)
          CSIS focus strictly on domestic and CFIS foreign

          • I think the fragmentation of responsibility for security among agencies with overlapping mandates (domestic and foreign security can’t be practically separated) would lead to a comedy of errors and idiotic turf wars. Witness the array of agencies in the U.S. who barely communicate with one another if they don’t have to.

  2. What is it wit Harper that makes him determined to destroy Canadian credibility? This sort or heinous, shameful activity used to be beneath Canada. Harper must be proud to become known as the man that turned Canadians abroad into targets just like Americans.
    I guess now when Canadians go abroad they will have to sew the New Zealand flag onto their clothing.
    This monster should not be allowed to destroy the stature and credibility of Canadians or of Canada, I don’t believe that is within his mandate or his rights. Shame of the money grubbing hypocrites that voted this horrible human being into power.

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