CSIS secretly adds Canadians to US terror watch lists: WikiLeaks

Secret documents reveal spy agency flags potential terrorists in Canada for the U.S.


Thanks to a recent smattering of confidential documents leaked by WikiLeaks, it has been revealed that CSIS secretly gave the names of 27 Canadian citizens to the U.S. during the years 2009 and 2010, effectively flagging them as potential terrorists. The names of 14 foreign nationals living in Canada were handed over as well, the documents reveal. According to the CBC’s Neil Macdonald, some of the people were named solely because of their associations with other suspects. Usually, when Canada points out terror suspects to the U.S., their names are added to a “Visa Viper list,” meaning they are unlikely to be admitted to the United States. Quoting unnamed security officials, Macdonald said CSIS hands names to the U.S. because it feels the consequences of a terrorist attack on the American soil originating north of the border “could be cataclysmic for Canada.”

CBC News

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CSIS secretly adds Canadians to US terror watch lists: WikiLeaks

  1. So CSIS betrays Canadians to a foreign government. 

  2.  If one helps CSIS or the police, one will be branded “a terrorist.”

  3. Don’t trust CSIS and the police because they won’t trust you. 

  4. We have so many citizens of convenience that bo surprising some of them are pro-terrorists hatriots.

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