Cuban hunger striker says he’s dying -

Cuban hunger striker says he’s dying

Guillermo Farinas is starving himself to bring attention to political prisoners


A Cuban man who hasn’t eaten in 131 days wrote on his blog that he may be nearing death due to a blood clot. Guillermo Farinas, 48, says he will continue his hunger strike until 25 people jailed for opposing the Castro regime are released. Farinas has been receiving nutrients intravenously at a hospital, but infections now prevent him from continuing the injections. The Catholic Church is also trying to win the release of political prisoners by putting pressure on President Raul Castro. The independent Cuban Commission on Human Rights reported Monday that there at 167 people jailed for opposing the government – the smallest number since the 1959 revolution.


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Cuban hunger striker says he’s dying

  1. Cuba is notorious for human rights abuses.Cuba's treatment of political prisoners, in some cases, rises to the level of torture From sixty-five to eighty thousand people (men women and children, entire families at a time) have died trying to escape Castro's Cuba. Cuba confines its sizable prison population in substandard and unhealthy conditions, where prisoners face isolation and physical and sexual abuse. But Canada's lefties ignore all of this while basking in the romantic escapades when Pierre Elliott Trudeau, found his soul mate on this Caribbean Island.