Cue the Napoleon jokes -

Cue the Napoleon jokes

Nicholas Sarkozy bans tall bodyguards


Tall body guards have discretely been told not to apply for work protecting French president Nicholas Sarkozy, despite their added benefit being able to spot potential attackers in a crowd. A police source told Le Parisien that “there’s no point recruiting supermen” as “large-sized” candidates stood little chance of being taken on, the Guardian reports. The 5-foot, 5-inch politician, who wears stacked shoes, is notoriously sensitive about his height. He has been caught standing on tiptoes in global leader group shots and once stood on a box to remain shoulder to shoulder with President Obama. Rarely is he photographed next to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, his 5-foot 10-inch former model wife, who usually wears flats. Last year, his aides bussed in a group of factory workers who claimed they had been picked to appear alongside the French leader because they were short. This latest move is destined to spur more ridicule. Earlier this year, a German car rental company launched a campaign urging customers to rent a small Citroen C3 hatchback, with the slogan, “Be like Madame Bruni, take a small French model.”


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Cue the Napoleon jokes

  1. It's good that we have news agencies to bref us on things like this.

    • It's the internet, so who cares if it's not important. It's not wasting space like in a magazine. Furthermore, evidently the headline was interesting enough for you to click on, read, and comment!

      • In short, you missed the pun, Monsieur. Never throw an elba when you can crack a smile.

        • Shame: Water & Loo belong on the Muskoka fake-lake posts.

          • I hope we're not going to be doing our usual stunted of marshalling endless puns.

          • this guy has little man syndrome.. but , being french, he won't be a threat to his neighbours

          • I sure hope it ends shortly, or else I'll be in over my head.

  2. the president obviously has mental issues. What others decisions does he make to boost his 5' 5" narcissism?