CUPE suspends strike at Air Canada -

CUPE suspends strike at Air Canada

Strike ‘rendered illegal’ by federal government: union


The union representing Air Canada’s flight attendants have cancelled the strike that was planned for Thursday in light of the federal government’s decision to refer the dispute to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB). “[Labour Minister Lisa Raitt] has effectively rendered the strike illegal, so that there will be no right to strike (or lock-out),” the Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents 6,800 flight attendants said. “Our strike is suspended indefinitely. Therefore, the union advises you that you cannot strike.” Though CUPE had initially said it would go ahead with the strike despite the federal government’s interference, under rules laid out in Canada’s Labour Code, job actions must be suspended when a matter is sent for review by the CIRB.

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CUPE suspends strike at Air Canada

  1. Linked is a breakdown of Air Canada’s executive salaries and benefits, and a second link to their 2006-2010 annual reports.  Note that in 2009, Robert Milton was paid $14.7 million in salary and bonuses, Brian Dunne $4.3 million, Sydney Isaacs $2.4 million, Calin Rovinescu $2.5 million, Michael Rousseau $1.5 million, and Benjamin Smith $1.0 million.  In 2009, Air Canada reported a loss of $24 million.  I’m not sure that running an unprofitable company warrents compensation of 7 or 8 figures.  6 figures, sure, but hold off on paying 7 or 8 figures until the genuises at the top figure out how to turn a goddam profit for their shareholders.

    • I am not sure where you live but have you ever flown with Westjet?  Experience their brand of customer service and then compare it to Air Canada.  Then you will possibly understand why Air Canada is losing money.  You are right about the CEO, etc.  The sad thing is they would likely have to fire everyone at the company to change the kind of malcontent that is presented to the public on a daily basis by everyone who is a front-line worker.

      • I usually go with whatever option is least expensive, which usually ends up being 1) Porter, 2) WestJet, 3) Air Canada.

        • Westjet treats customers with respect and kindness.  If a flight is delayed, they usually buy you pizza and pop, even if it is the middle of the night.  During the really bad snow storms a few Christmases ago, they provided their customers with meals and accomodations.  Air Canada….they tend to treat their customers with disdain.  One time I was on a flight with them to New York that was overbooked.  People were understandably upset.  An Air Canada supervisor at the gate yelled at the approximately 15 passengers that they couldn’t fit on the plane.  He told us to “get away from the gate!”  At that point I decided I would never travel with that airline again and I have not.
          I work for a nasty employer too but I would never treat a patient badly.  It’s a recession and nurses have taken pay freezes, recognizing that the money just insn’t in the coffers.  If I were Harper I would not stick my nose in.  I would let Air Canada fail.  These employees don’t even listen to their union executive’s advice.  They are so sure that the tax payers will keep the company afloat that they don’t feel it necessary to concern themselves with the bottom line.