Curvy recession figures -

Curvy recession figures

Society prefers curvaceous, “mature” beauty icons in uncertain times, studies say


Two studies, one using American movie actresses, the other Playboy Playmates of the Year, show that in hard times, such as an economic recession, people tend to prefer taller, heavier, and more mature looking women. The studies tie the appearance of curvy women to certain personality traits—such as fertility, strength, maturity, and independence—which are desirable during periods of uncertainty.

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Curvy recession figures

  1. Thus, Rahim's preference for "busty hookers".

  2. I's prefers curvaceous too… but that's makes sense, I have been in a recession since 98.

    • Ditto, only, I've preferred them for longer, so I must be in a permanent downturn.

  3. Let's not forget that 'curvaceous' women, if you want to call them that, I'd rather use normal, are most prone to have smarter baby, due to more fat in their hips. So guys, those skinny minnies aren't gonna give you smart kids!

    • My mom is skinny. Are you calling me stupid?

  4. what a bunch of backwoods moonshine weed smokin banter…this country is in bad shape