Cuteness beyond our powers of imagination -

Cuteness beyond our powers of imagination

Can Canada bring together Obama kids and baby polar bears?


Word that Canadas new ambassador to Washington, former Manitoba premier Gary Doer, has invited President Barack Obama to send his kids to see Canadian polar bears creates the possibility of the biggest concentration of awww-inspiring photo-ops ever imagined. Needless to say, Churchill, Man., the polar bear capital of the world, is beside itself at the prospect of Sasha, 8, and Malia, 11, coming to town. A so-called “tundra buggy” to take the First Daughters out to see the bears is reportedly being held waiting. Of course, it’s all speculation—but Doer did have a track record as premier of luring the powerful and famous to view the bears.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Cuteness beyond our powers of imagination

  1. He is awesome, and Churchil Manitoba is amazing, I hope they will take on the oportunity and everybody else does too, a very unique place!

  2. If this happened, the visit would be hijacked by the eco-loons / lib left media demanding that we protect these poor creatures by buying 10 trillion dollars worth of carbon offsets from China and India..