Cutting salt could prevent 92,000 U.S. deaths per year -

Cutting salt could prevent 92,000 U.S. deaths per year

Reducing by 3 grams daily would save $24 billion in health costs per year


Reducing Americans’ daily salt intake by just three grams could prevent up to 66,000 strokes, 99,000 heart attacks, and 92,000 deaths in the U.S. alone, saving $24 billion in health costs each year, researchers at the University of California said on Wednesday. This goal is attainable, the team insisted, noting that women would benefit the most. Salt is greatly overused in the U.S., Reuters reports, with up to 80 per cent of it coming from processed food. Men consume about 10.4 grams per day, and women consume 7.3 grams, but use is rising. The report didn’t take into account the benefits that would be conferred on children, or the fact that reducing salt intake might lower the risk of stomach cancer, kidney disease, congestive heart failure and osteoporosis.


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Cutting salt could prevent 92,000 U.S. deaths per year

  1. Government Research / Funding Scandal

    CAMH / Brock University / Privacy Commissioner of Canada


    Medicine Gone Bad

  2. high blood pressure so stopped adding any salt to anything until it hits the table; this makes a huge change and you really taste the salt,especially fleur de sel when you add it at the end and only on purpose,blood pressure now in reasonable range without taking drugs for life

  3. Silly scientists! That would negatively affect the pharmaceutical market, and we couldn't have that!

  4. Salt destroys the elasticity of arteries and capillaries just as smoking does. The damage to the arteries is very similar to the damage caused by tobacco smoke. When arteries lack the proper elasticity, the blood has a difficult time getting into the capillaries – the small thin-walled vessels, en route to a healthy organ because efficient blood flow is dependent upon proper expansion and contraction of arteries and capillaries. The salt shaker should not even be on the table

  5. the same american products in canada have far more salt ..that was in the news recently …they say it's candian tastes …sort of like how Canadians love the taste of trans fats at tim hortons