Cyber attacks on the rise -

Cyber attacks on the rise

Report puts annual cost of digital ‘cold war’ at $2.4 billion


As if the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack wasn’t enough to instill paranoia in the masses. According to a new study by the US Center for Strategic and International Studies, a “cyber cold war” is quietly raging. The study, commissioned by the computer security company McAfee, found that cyber attacks or infiltrations by gangs and state-sponsored hackers have hit more than half of the companies operating critical infrastructure like gas and oil supplies and electrical grids. The news, which comes in the wake of Google’s revelation that it among about 30 western companies victimized by Chinese hackers, does not bode well in tough economic times. According to the study, the attacks cost the world economy $2.4 billion annually.

The Guardian

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Cyber attacks on the rise

  1. The only way to end the cyber war is to go after the malicious hackers and put them out of business. This is unlikely to happen though; Too many people are making too much money off the status quo. Anti malware systems get better–Hackers find a way through. Then we have to pay for an upgrade. I wouldn't be surprised to findout that some programmers work both sides, Writing malware by night so they can sell anti malware by day.