Dalton McGuinty rumoured interested in federal Liberal leadership

Ontario premier’s brother seen to promote candidacy


Rumours that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty may be interested in seeking the leadership of the federal Liberals became more credible on Thursday, after the premier’s brother strongly supported his sibling’s candidacy in an interview with veteran journalist Lawrence Martin. David McGuinty, MP for Ottawa South, told Martin that Dalton would “rebuild the Liberal party, just like he did in Ontario.” David’s remarks could be meant to create buzz about Dalton’s possible candidacy at the 2013 federal leadership convention. A severe downward revision of Ontario’s growth prospects on Thursday, which could jeopardize Dalton’s electoral pledge to balance the provincial budget, however, cast a shadow on his possible leadership run.


Ottawa Citizen

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Dalton McGuinty rumoured interested in federal Liberal leadership

  1. Nooooo!

    The Liberals are doing an “okay” job in Ontario, but not such a great job that I’d want to see Dalton in charge of rebuilding the federal Liberals. Low rankings in leadership polls and a slip to minority status after the recent election are not exactly the kinds of things from which to build momentum.

  2. I would like to see Dalton run. That is I meant run out of town on a rail. Or run over by a street car. 

  3. Yeah, that’s not going to work.

  4. What KeithBram said.  Liberals in Ontario are a mixture of audacious long-term planning with sometimes bungled execution (which is becoming more objectionable as the economy contracts). Many of their most important projects will only pay off long in the future, if they ever do, so it’s not so easy to see right now if they’re doing a good job on the balance of things.

  5. Now that he’s destroyed Ontario’s economy…he’s got even bigger plans.

  6. This will be great for the Conservatives as the I doubt the rest of Canada are stupid enough to elect McWindmill.

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