Dance like a Canuck

Brazilians have samba. Americans do the disco. But is there a dance that is truly Canadian?


Dance like a Canuck

Brazilians have samba. Americans do the disco. But is there a dance that is truly Canadian? Well, Liam Kearney and Stina Diös may have invented a dozen. After uploading their "Canadian Dance Moves" on YouTube less than a month ago, the video is approaching 400,000 views.

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This is hilarious. Watch the dance moves and try and guess what they’re doing before the sub title comes up. I cracked up more than onceBrian Churchmack
Canadian Dance Movesvan46

Naturally the idea came to them over a few drinks with friends, Kearney said in an interview with The Ryersonian. Initially the couple was thinking of doing a parody of the viral video Gangnam Style from Korean pop sensation Psy…

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/Vofficialpsy
… but decided against because it didn’t feel right. “Why jump on this bandwagon when we can pick something totally new,” Diös said.  And those new dance moves went well when borrowing the music from Julia Bentley and Andrew Gunadie’s 2009 YouTube video “Canadian, please!”
Canadian, Please gunnarolla
Do the Canadian Dance moves! Oh I love being Canadian :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j_-MsDSAW0Y#!Madelyn
Proud to be #Canadian ! (Canadian Dance Moves) https://plus.google.com/110648946295824984922/posts/JuszPmVx5bjSharvil Nanavati
I have probably done a few of these unintentionally! lolIan Mac Pharlaine
I’ve never wanted to be Canadian more than I do now…. I love the pump the keg….lol What’s your favorite Canadian Dance Move?Helen Allen
A great way to burn of Thanksgiving calories: Canadian Dance Moves: http://youtu.be/j_-MsDSAW0Y via @youtube; thanks, @nudeedudeeJill MacLachlan
Canadian Dance Moves. Just in time for your Halloween parties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_-MsDSAW0YHelen M
With the silly moves, Kearney and Diös have gotten Canadians of all age groups up and dancing along.
Canadian Dance Moves – Isla’s versionnancyskunji
brooklyn doing new canadian dance movesoa_Yim_VR1ZKqje5g14aAg
Canadian Dance Moveslmanss
New Canadians should also feel welcome to find things that are “typical Canadian.” Diös has only been in Canada for four years since moving to Toronto from Sweden, and already she’s got the dance moves down pat.

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