Danny Williams is nothing like Hugo Chavez, however…


Danny Williams has often been tagged “Danny Chavez,” an allusion to the alleged parallel between the Newfoundland premier’s willingness to scrap with resource companies and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s antagonistic relationship with international oil companies. In this editorial, the St. John’s Telegram takes the roundabout tack of slamming anyone who hurls the Chavez slur at Williams-and then proceeds to note how, in hard times, Chavez is reportedly reduced to “wooing Western oil companies,” and suggests Williams might want to follow suit.

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Danny Williams is nothing like Hugo Chavez, however…

  1. Yes god forbid anyone stand up to the greed heads and con artists who have plundered the resources of Nfld. and left the populous destatute and fleeing cap in hand to Ontario, Alberta, Boston and god knows where else to make a living. For the first time we had the perfect storm of a resourse people desperately wanted(oil) and a leader(Williams) to insist the province be paid for it. How dare they. Dont these gutter spines know their place? I remember Bay St. advising Cretian to bring his dog to heel. They were refuring to Brian Tobin who had the adacity to insist that the massive nickel mine in Lab. have it’s ore refined in Nfld. and actually employ people there. How dare he!!! Well Ont. ya reap what ya sow, how ya like them apples. How’s that bail out goin’ for ya so far? How does it feel to be on the short end of the wish bone? I wouldn’t but a car from your second rate, overly subsided car plant if my life depended on it. Enjoy reality.

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