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Darwin the Monkey trial continues in Oshawa


OSHAWA, Ont. – The Ikea monkey trial continues today in an Oshawa, Ont., courtroom.

Toronto real estate lawyer Yasmin Nakhuda is trying to get her pet monkey Darwin back from a primate sanctuary.

Darwin was sent to the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in December after he was found wandering around in a Toronto Ikea parking lot and was caught by Toronto Animal Services.

Nakhuda calls herself Darwin’s “mom,” and wept in court Thursday as she described the bond she shared with the monkey.

She testified that having Darwin was like the chance to experience motherhood again, saying she took him to work, to the gym, grocery shopping, to a wedding and brought him in the shower with her.

Nakhuda sued the primate sanctuary to get Darwin back and alleges animal services tricked her into surrendering the monkey.

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