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Dave Pickton, brother of a notorious killer, starts a charity in Ghana


For the second time in less than a month, Dave Pickton, whose brother Robert admitted to killing 49 women in B.C., is in the news. According to a story in Monday’s Vancouver Province, Pickton claims to have started a charity for the poor in Ghana. The news comes weeks after a poster campaign warning sex workers of Pickton’s presence in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside came to light.

From the Province:

Pickton told The Province on Sunday night that a trip to Ghana inspired him to start the Pickton Foundation.

“If you travel there, you will know why,” said Pickton. “Kids don’t have anything to eat.”

Pickton said during his travels in Ghana, he became ill after swallowing a tiny amount of tainted water.

“I had a capful of water, and I got sick,” said Pickton. “Clean water and food to keep them going is the key, and then getting some farmland.”

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Dave Pickton, brother of a notorious killer, starts a charity in Ghana

  1. Dave PIcton in downtown Eastside Vancouver? Where there is smoke there is fire perhaps

  2. Which part of Ghana has starving kids and no clean water?
    Why no name of the city,town or supposed village?
    This is some lazy journalism.
    Ghana is not poor,guys,come on. Negative story

    •  Nice piece. It is very sad that all kind of people are being allowed
      into our country, including homosexuals. But the root of this problem
      should not be attributed to the Government alone.

      There are so many rich Ghanaians, both home and abroad. They know the
      problems facing Ghana and yet have turned a blind eye. The Government
      is doing it best to alleviate poverty but the Government can’t do it
      alone, we need the involvement of Ghanaian philanthropist.

      We should know that no Western Country is where they are today
      without the help of citizen philanthropist. A great philanthropist like
      John D. Rockefeller is an example of good men who helped their country
      to where they are today.

      Our rich citizens alone can eliminate the water problem in the rural
      poor if they so wish, why are they not doing it? How much does it cost
      to construct a bore hole. There are so many rich Ghanaians abroad, who
      own companies there and yet how many of them have setup companies in
      Ghana, so they can offer jobs to some unemployed Ghanaians.

      If our own people don’t do it, should we reject offers from those who
      want to help, just because they are convicted sex offenders 20yrs ago?
      or because they are related to a serial killer. Am not sure most of the
      people passing comments here no what hunger is. Hunger and diseases are
      worse than sexual offense.

      Hunger can course a person to do anything, including accept an offer
      of help from a serial killer or sex offender. If our capable men and
      women both home and abroad start extending a helping hand to the poor,
      then we can reject offers from foreigners.

      There are rich white gay men coming into the country everyday. they
      are using money to lure our young people into becoming gays. This is
      more dangerous than sexual offense the writer is referring to. If care
      is not taken to stop the spread of homosexuality today, then we should
      prepare for a future with high homosexual population.

      This means our children and grandchildren can easily be convinced to
      becoming gays. Besides what they the Westerners term as sex offending is
      sometimes ridiculous. It is now clear that any misunderstanding between
      a man and a woman behind closed doors is termed sexual offense in the
      Western world. If this same rule is applied in Ghana, then we have lots
      of sex offending Ghanaians.

      We should know that the white man is passed the peak of civilization
      and is now descending into something else. Most of the things they will
      term as a scandal is nothing here. Our Ministers and MP’s commit lots of
      crimes that they get away with. Crimes that they would be forced to or
      willingly resign if they were in a Western country. But here it is
      nothing. So the white-man’s sexual offense is not the same as that of
      the black-man.

      To those Ghanaians abroad who do not know anything about Ghana. If
      you’ve been to some villages in Ghana and witness the suffering the
      people go through, then you will understand that we have no choice in
      deciding whose offer of help should be accepted or rejected.

      So get back and analyze things very well before you also post a comment,that your assignment DUMMY.