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David Johnston sworn in as GG

Pledges to focus his efforts on families, education and volunteerism


David Johnston was sworn in on Friday as Canada’s newest Governor General. In his first speech as GG, Johnston urged Canadians to build “a smart and caring nation,” and promised to focus his efforts on promoting families, education and volunteerism. Johnston’s role as vice-regal follows a distinguished academic career, which until recently had him serving as president of the University of Waterloo. “David Johnston has been driven by the intense belief that service is not merely an option. It is a duty, an obligation of the heart that honour compels a man to accept,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said. “He holds it to be so whether the beneficiaries are his large and devoted family, the institutions at which he has worked, the wider communities in which he has lived or the country that he loves.”

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David Johnston sworn in as GG

  1. A very good choice, better than CBC celebrities, best wishes to him.

  2. This is David Johnson's reward for saving Mulroney and Harper. By narrowing the Mulroney inquiry to simply finding inappropriate behaviour of the PM in accepting bags of money in hotel rooms , Canadians could not get to the bottom of the biggest scandal ever. The millions and millions of grease money Hans Karl Schreiber paid to Canadian politicians to ensure Air Canada purchased Air Bus aircraft is conveniently ignored .

    • Gary,
      Do you have "ACTUAL" physical evidence in support of your claims? If you do – take it to the Police/Crown Attorney. If you do have evidence and done nothing with it, you can and should be prosecuted for "Obstruction of Justice"!!
      Since you don't, stop hurling abuse freely on websites. IT is over, IT is done, get over IT!!

  3. That was up to the RCMP to find, not Johnston, I think. It is very uiseful to have hard evidence before you find criminality. In the language of inquiries, the words ' ïnnappropriate behaviour" ring more political bells and Mulroney is just as damned.

  4. The latest Governor General is a distinguished academic who is a much better choice than the previous political choices of selecting persons more to appeal to different immigrant groups than personal accomplishments. The next GG should be a member of the First Nations. After the tenure of the First Nations GG ends, there needs to be a rethingk about whether it is necessary to continue the post of GG.

    • agreed , a first Nations GG then close it down. A first Nations GG should have been appointed a long time ago.
      The institution has outlived its usefulness and is a relic. Most do not look forward to Charles as King. When his elegant mother passes on it would be time to cut our ties with the monarchy.

      • All like-minded persons can support this idea of downsizing the GG post as a cost-cutting measure during a financial crunch. All the duties of the GG can be taken on by the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

  5. Please, please, organising committee, elevate the standard of musical interludes at these swearing-ins. The Johnson ceremony was patronising in that ineffably Canadian way of demonstrating non-elitism by reducing everything for public consumption to the lowest common denominator of public taste.

    • Hear ! Hear ! we are tired of listening to the same crap music blaring, booming and beating us senseless in almost every public locale.