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David Johnston to become new Governor General

Academic to replace Michaëlle Jean


Tomorrow, it’s expected that David Johnston will be officially announced as the new governor general of Canada. University of Waterloo president and constitutional academic, 69-year-old Johnston was long rumored to be the top candidate for the post. He acquired his extensive constitutional knowledge after studying at Harvard, Cambridge and Queen’s University. He is known for being non-partisan when working with the government; most recently he worked to provide terms of reference for the Oliphant inquiry. He will replace Michaëlle Jean when her term ends in September.

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David Johnston to become new Governor General

  1. The terms of reference Johnston crafted for the Oliphant inquiry are evidence enough to let PM Stephen Harper to sleep well at night. The ground from which Johnston will carry out his mandate is "well-tilled". He is no trouble maker or check-and-balancer.— just an ordinary "well-respected" brown-nosing academic fund-raiser raised to a place-holder for executive supremacy.

  2. Hallelujah! Canadians stay focussed on soccer, spilling oil and beaten heads from G20 protests.
    They fail to understand that this is the GG position which allows or denies our elections. They also fail to
    understand what the implications are when it is yet another politicized lawyer who is promoted while candidates from our aboriginal community are denied consideration because they “are not bilingual”. Go to the Globe and Mail report on this appointment and understand that this “prestigious lawyer” and “academic” was selected by a panel of Parliamentarians.
    Then understand this.
    Contrary to Andrew Coyne’s findings, this man is found on Elections Canada donor data as a Ken Dryden (another elected lawyer) Liberal leadership campaign supporter (June 16, 2006). The amount of money given is inconsequential. It is unfathomable that our media, with their deep pockets, does not come out and directly ask this man if he has had any partisan relationships. By god, if there was a hint of “the scandal” being sex, then the word “relationship” would have created a real reporting scandal in more venues than just Coyne’s deep blogging pages.
    A supposedly “unbiased” man of Johnston’s legal standing should be familiar with the constitutional requirement of “equal before and under our law”.
    Johnston was solicited by Harper to design the terms of reference for another inquiry which made more lawyers richer and more citizens poorer. The Oliphant inquiry became yet another farce where a once Canadian elected lawyer, to the position of Prime Minister, Mulroney, admitted to swinging satchels
    of cash in a manner that would get any other Canadian a Criminal Code trial.
    Johnston only shows that he is easily swayed to bow to the partisan in power, not to uphold the right of the citizen to see even the politician sent to jail. As our “equals under the law” part of our constitution compels.
    So, now we not only have an old crony of Mulroney (William Elliott, the Conservative aligned lawyer) ruling our prestigious federal RCMP. We now have another “expert” who is a politicized lawyer who tells us that “the Queen” is ultimately our “ruler”.
    This is how corrupted our “democracy” has become. The lawyers have corrupted our courts and our institutions of governance so badly with partisan elitism that the citizen has no avenue of uncorrupted, non-partisan consideration. Worst of all, Canada’s journalists stay stupid to the implication that, to complain about all of this “to the Queen”, we must now get past another lawyer. This is another “expert” man who stays silent to the constitutional idiocy of a Prime Minister insisting on bilingualism of French and English while the real issue of violations of founding laws of this nation goes unchallenged.
    Our constitution forbids discrimination of any kind, including of language. So why does “constitutional expert”, Mr. Johnston, stay silent to the suggestion that aboriginal candidates were overruled on the basis of “bilingualism”? Might this be because few in our media reported loudly on this GG appointment while the Anglican Journal became one, crowing that a member of their church was now “an appointed”. This is something to crow about when the record for this nation is abuse of First Nation children which people in the highest places stayed silent to?
    This appointment happens because those who say that only the Liberals or the Conservatives should rule us have ensconced their own into the highest positions of this land.
    A GG’s first duty should be to the citizen and the constitutional parts serving the citizen, not the partisan.
    No, Mr. Johnston has shown that he can be loyal to either the Liberals or the Conservatives and this is then the selection priority for the partisans who have been screwing this nation since our treaties were signed and then our constitution, agreed to “by the Queen”, became the property of the politicized lawyer and the politician.
    It matters not if Mr. Johnston took a cut in direct pay (Coyne says his GG salary drops to one quarter of his “$503 g’s” University salary). What matters is that the man is now in a position where he can globe trot like the old friends of journalists, Ms. Jean and that “other lady GG”, did and sit in rich accommodations sipping tea at Queenie hours. While the rest of the citizenry continues to get screwed by corruption into business and governance.
    Protected by politicized lawyers appointed by judges. And now as “our GG”.
    But our media have become part of the elitism which allows this to happen.
    Sorry, Mr. Coyne. This is indeed “a scandal” for any citizen who really cares for this nation.
    Read my pending book, Just Business, to understand how all of this can be stopped, peacefully, by the citizens.
    Don MacAlpine, Nipigon, Ontario, Canada (miles away from snob town Toronto)