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Dawna Friesen to anchor Global National newscast

Emmy Award-winning correspondent hails from Manitoba


Dawna Friesen, an Emmy Award-winning correspondent with NBC News is returning home to Canada to anchor Global National. Born in Winnipeg and raised on a farm, Friesen started her career at a newspaper in Portage La Prairie, Man. before working at TV stations in Brandon, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay. Friesen worked for both CBC and CTV’s parliamentary bureaus before moving to the London bureau of NBC News in 1999. She has covered important international stories including the Iraq war, the Madrid bombings in 2004 and the election of president Barack Obama in 2008. Current anchor Kevin Newman will leave on August 20 and Friesen will start in September. Lisa LaFlamme will soon take over CTV National News, which means Peter Mansbridge will be the only male anchor left in Canada. In the United States, a similar trend has taken place: two out of the three network newscasts in America are now headed by women.


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Dawna Friesen to anchor Global National newscast

  1. Oh, Emily is going to be happy : )

  2. who?

  3. We'll be able to tell if she's gone all posh by watching to see if she pronounces the second "T" in Toronto.

  4. I do not understand why the Need to Know writer thinks her gender and the gender distribution for anchors generally is at all relevant here.

    • Claudia already told you… to make emily happy.

    • I do.

      • Do what? Think it's relevant? Or understand why the writer thinks it's relevant?

        • Is it relevant to whether she is a good choice for the job, no I don't think it is particularly relevant.

          From a societal point of view it is interesting how this former exclusive male position has transformed… and probably interesting to contrast it with other high profile positions that have not.

          Is it relevant for how people will perceive her doing her job. Absolutely, we haven't evolved that far (nor are we likely to.)

  5. A good thing about growing up in Manitoba is that you have a pretty good shot at recognizing other Manitobans by name alone.

  6. Absolutely no gender bias in any of those choices,right ladies!

  7. She's been the London-based European correspondant for Amercina network NBC for the last 12 years????

    Why obviously, she is just visiting.

  8. I remember Dawna as a very bright and intteligent person and wish her well ( from Thunder Bay)

  9. Sophie Thibault, Céline Galipeault, Lisa Laflamme, and now Dawna Friesen…

    Hey Mansbridge, you're next !

  10. Just another continuation of the marginalizing of caucasian males. Of course the benefactors of this discirmination will deny it all day long. When did we get to this point where white males are considered the enemy. Soon they will all be Governor Generals.

    • I am the enemy. Just not GG yet.

  11. I hope Manbridge's smugness will be replaced by someone with integrity and professionalism.

  12. Who is she . is this part of the femist movement . Was she given the anchor because of gender . Global is noted for making poor decesions . What happened to Mr DAW my Newfie friend and Escomb .
    We must give her a chance .
    Liza Laflamme did a poor job on G-20 but she workswell when reading from script .

    lets no judge . lets wait
    Bill Mac Leod kitchener 519-585-1655