Death of newspapers will result in greater corruption

Public officials will take advantage once they realize they won’t be exposed


People have been predicting the demise of newspapers for years, but now that newsrooms are shutting down, some are taking a hard look at what comes next. And the view isn’t a good one. In a lengthy piece the New Republic bids adieu to newspapers, and hello to a staggering rise in corruption among public officials, once they realize they’re less likely to be exposed. Yes, there have been some instances where bloggers have uncovered wrongdoing. But the blogosphere is mostly parasitic, feeding off traditional news media, even as they revile the MSM. The story looks at numerous cases where investigative print reporters who have rooted out corruption have since been axed to cut costs. Whatever hopes we’ve put in new technology to replace professional news gatherers are likely to be dashed. The resources that permitted the old media to develop sources, conduct rigorous fact checking and expose corruption are vanishing faster than the new media can replace then.

The New Republic

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Death of newspapers will result in greater corruption

  1. The threats coming from the industry are become more shrill and ominous. How can we not learn to miss you without y’all going away first?

    Something will fill the void left by these moribund publications, which really only have themselves to blame. It’s an irrational business model anyway, which can ignore its natural clientèle because it doesn’t depend on it for revenue.

    • i agree; self-inflicted wound really; since the media (tv especially) is under no obligation to report the truth anyway.

      and those who wish to simply report as it happens are somehow pushed out.

      nevertheless regular ppl instinctively are beginning to realize this.

      btw, the corruption exists with or without the papers.

  2. What about corrupt newspapers?

  3. They have no one to blame for themselves. I remember writing a letter to the Vancouver Province 25 years ago protesting their love affair with all things left. The blatant bias in the newspapers on both sides of the border has turned off all but the loudmouths who literally have received all the press with the result the squeaky wheels have gotten the grease and our country has become a social cesspool.
    In the last few years I have begun to watch Fox News in the States as they are the ONLY ones at least making an attempt to be balanced. Others must agree with me as the Bill Oreilly show is consistently number one in viewship as the middle people of both countries are fed up and turning their backs on the left wing loons who control mainstream media. Of course the result will be more corruption in government, followed by anarchy.

    • I’m not sure if you’re trying to be sarcastic, actually I sincerely hope you are… because if Fox news is considered ‘Fair and Balanced’ then it shows an inability to identify propaganda and showmanship that borders on the frightening. If in your comment you had said that the extreme views of Fox ‘balanced out’ what you saw as other extreme views from different networks, then it could be considered a realistic observation.

      Seriously I don’t believe that Bill O’reilly is popular for being a champion of the average person, he is load and entertaining. I wonder what you think of the Daily Show and Colbert Report which are also considered to be more balanced for the average person. Actually it seems the only difference between Bill O’reilly and The Daily show is the latter at least knows they are just entertainment for the masses without real substance.

      • What I love is when Bill-O criticises the Daily Show & Colbert as though they — comedy shows — were rivals. Tells you all you need to know about Bill-O & his viewers, except that they don’t just laugh with Big Bird, they vote for him.

        Re: the idea the Fox is “balanced,” I suppose it’s all relative: if you’re somewhere to the right of Mussolini, Bill-O would seem like the centrist he claims to be. In the court of Attila the Hun, he might have been a moderate leftist.

        • That reminds me of Jon Stewart’s epic take-down of Tucker Carlson on Crossfire:

          “You’re on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls.”

    • Bill O’Reilly may be Fox’s number one tv time slot winner, but he has nothing to do with exposing corruption in politics. He’s a commentator and entertainer.

    • Loony toon ignored by mainstream! Film at eleven!

  4. In the last few years I have begun to watch Fox News in the States as they are the ONLY ones at least making an attempt to be balanced. Others must agree with me as the Bill Oreilly show is consistently number one in viewship as the middle people of both countries are fed up and turning their backs on the left wing loons who control mainstream media. Of course the result will be more corruption in government, followed by anarchy.


    • # 1. Probanly cus riily smart folks like Jeet jus luv the part where ol Bill gets to bitch slap the hapless liberals. It’s all about revenge with these guys. I no longer care if the msm is liberal anymore, i just want today’s tolerant retarded right kept where they can do as little harm as possible – out on the fringes of loony land, where they can play with their guns and swords and uniforms to their hearts content.

    • And that, folks, is what passes for a cogent argument on the left.

      • You approve of O’reilly’s appaling behaviour? Pathetic!

  5. Newspapers and other media have only themselves to blame here. People are tired of being told how to feel about an issue by various experts hired by all media to comment on various issues. The media has been totally corrupted by its need for advertising revenue. It tries to be cheap entertainment by stirring up emotion and gives few accurate facts. The average consumer knows this and turns away from the product provided.
    I totally agree that a well staffed aggresive media is required in a Democracy. The problem is that we have not had that for decades. What we have is organizations that tell us about: Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, Octomom etc. and turn the dogs of yellow journalism loose on whatever Government Organization/Individual out of favour for that day.

  6. Ti-Guy–it is people like you who don’t have a brain in their head. Try thinking with your brain instead of your emotion and it will open a whole new world. I know I am in the minority, but then again I would have been in Nazi Germany as well as you and your majority would have followed that herd as well and voted in good ol’ Adolf. In the ebb and flow to the left and the right it is generally the no-mind lemmings who tip the balance. You must like company.

  7. Saw that on FoxNews, did ya?

  8. “bids adieu to newspapers, and hello to a staggering rise in corruption among public officials, once they realize they’re less likely to be exposed.”

    I would go along with this argument if the North American msm did much reporting, or digging into, corruption. I don’t believe pols are that afraid of corruption stories, particularly if they are Dems, because the msm can’t be bothered to write about it. I know UK newspapers do lots of digging, their most recent break was about House of Lords and taking money to change legislation a few weeks ago, but North American msm does very little to break corruption stories.

    • You know it works a lot better – yr vision that is – if you open both eyes, less squinting too i find.

  9. Win the battle, lose the war… Figures don’t lie but lairs figure…

  10. One other small point. Does anyone really believe the msm has been perforoming as any kind of watchdog on behalf of the taxpayers when they are all on their knees doing what they gotta do in order to get a Governor General or Senate appointment. There can’t be a better way these lapdogs in line than to hold out the hope of a fat government paycheque and pension.

  11. Good point, Rush Limbaugh.

  12. Thanx, bud. That is a compliment I will take…:)

  13. Vaughan is a good case in point – huge corruption in the city government b/c there is no real newspaper coverage (there are Toronto newspapers that cover toronto, but essentially nothing covering “the city above toronto”).

  14. Uh, the old media stopped exposing corruption (other than among Republicans) and became a propaganda wing of the left some time ago. Think CBC feeding questions to the Liberals in the House of Commons, or the New York Times refusing to expose Democratic Representative Jefferson’s bribery ($100K in the freezer!) scandal. This is why newspapers are no longer considered a valuable source of info: propaganda doesn’t count.

    People, even now, still prefer getting the hard facts and making our own judgements rather than being told what to think and whom to vote for.

    • People, even now, still prefer getting the hard facts and making our own judgements

      That’s rich, coming right after a typical wingnut copied-and-pasted rant you see thousands of times per day.

      • Where I come from we consider it a sign of weakness to resort to a quick ad hominem while ignoring the argument. Seems to be all you’re capable of from what I’ve seen.

    • uhm, CBC is being run over by an appointee of the conservative PM right now.

      • Hopefully he’ll back up and hit it a few more times.

  15. Reports of the demise of the media are greatly exaggerated; the media -including the print media-will always survive in one form or another.

    People need to be informed about what is going on in the world and to make sense of it all. Journalists perform this function and make democracy work. As long as we have democracy we’ll have the media.

    That said, the media will have to re-structure itself. The biggest problem, I believe, is credibility. How can we trust a media source if it claims to be Conservative or Liberal? It is really sad that all major newspapers in North America declare their support for one political candidate or another. Most Canadian print media is Conservative; in the US it is the opposite. Whatever happened to independent reporting?

    Once the independent reporting comes back, everything else will fall into place. Once news sources are credible, there will be an upsurge in demand. News sources are already adapting to the Internet -they just need to revive the independence of the press.

    • when it happens it will be a breath of fresh air for those of us who are independent and have no political affiliation

  16. Ti-Guy–I guess you can throw stones because you are perfect. Amazing, how can you be perfect WITHOUT a brain.

    • I gots lotsa brains!

      • No, you gots no brains at all, you stupid liberal stupid head. Bill O’Reiellly is gonna fix you good, you stone throwing liberal commie jerk hed.

  17. In general the media seems to decide what is and isn’t corruption– why has this Cadman lawsuit settlement been deemed not worth examining further by most of the Canadian media?

    • because there is absolutely nothing in what is known about the settlement that indciates corruption. And because the conservatives have been pretty tight-lipped when people start asking about the stuff that involves actual corruption.

  18. If everyone can stop mud wrestling here it might be useful to think about the demise of the conventional press as we know it. I think there is a real danger that there will be literally no one minding the store. It’s not likely the MSN ot Yahoo are going to be any sort of watchdog on local pols in say, Hamilton, Halifax, Saskatoon or a meriad of other places. It’s almost to the point where it doesn’t matter as all types of local news are so battered by low revenues that they can hardly afford to send a reporter to city hall to find out who’s doing what. Investigative journalism is all but dead. A lot of very wise men have said over and over that democracy depends on a vigourous free press. The internet can be very useful when it comes to researching some things. One man, with a computer and internet access exposed the whole Commonwealth Games fiasco here in Halifax, embarrassed the hell out of city hall with the help of a local AM radio talk show(which has now gone off the air), and got the whole mess shelved before we were on the hook for 2.3 billion. Too bad the same can’t be said for Vancouver. God knows how much all that will cost when the bill comes in!

    A couple of last thoughts on other comments here. Bill O’rielly’s show garners big ratings. Big deal. So does Wrestling, does that validate it? O’reilly paid hush money to an intern he sexually harassed. He started a media blitz screaming his innocence until she confronted him with the tapes. Ooops, big settlement and O’rielly back on the air like nothing happened. What a hypocrite. And Rush?…need I say more! Funny how all these flag waving, bible thumping, patriotic, neo-cons always seem to be outed for what they are. Their self loathing is always expressed in there anger at everyone. They are always so creepy. Anyway, I always attempt not to get into it with Ti-Guy as name calling and other unproductive conversation seems to follow. Cheers

    • Gd pt Wayne, about the media in particular. Maybe they can outsource the news to India or allow politicians to police and report on themselves. Excuse me…i seem to be having an involuntary reaction, akin to nausea!

    • speaking of tapes…

      with Cadman, it’s obvious that you can’t benefit from something self-inflicted… nor should you sue a member of the govt that represents an opposition comprising 2/3 of opinion against you (of cast ballots that is); in my mind the conservatives were suing us through Dion and Ignatieff.

      and isn’t it also kinda creepy and illegal that the convservative minority govt released wiretaps of minority members to the media when discussion of a non-conservative coalition was going on?

      • of “opposition” not minority members

  19. The death of newspapers bringing on more corruption? Absolute nonsense. The CanWest propaganda machine has done nothing but ignore corruption in BC’s government, for example. Unless they have the NDP to pick on and the working middle class, “hard hitting” reporting is composed of pumping up the real estate shills. This news organization is so anti-union and anti-middle class it is sickening. CanWest has done nothing but allow corruption to flourish within the BC Liberal regime by simply not asking the right questions. I say good bye and good ridence to the CanWest shills and welcome smaller media and internet based information. Power to the people and not the old boys club.

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