Death rate from pregnancy complications triples in California -

Death rate from pregnancy complications triples in California

Trend could be nation-wide


The mortality rate of Californian women who die from causes directly related to pregnancy has nearly tripled in the past decade, reports California Watch. The investigative reporting website interviewed the authors of a not-yet-public Department of Public Health study identifying the most significant spike in pregnancy-related deaths since the 1930s. Although the total number of deaths remains relatively small, the report affirms that it’s now more dangerous to give birth in California than it is in Kuwait or Bosnia. Possible reasons behind the spike include an uptick in morbid obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, along with hemorrhaging from the growing numbers of C-sections. And the trend could be nationwide. An alert issued last week to hospitals by the Joint Commission, the leading health care accreditation and standards group in the country, warned: “Unfortunately, current trends and evidence suggest that maternal mortality rates may be increasing in the U.S.”

California Watch

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Death rate from pregnancy complications triples in California

  1. Now someone from the right start ranting again about how backward the Canadian healthcare system is. At least were doing better than Bosnia…

  2. I'm not surprised by this increase – all over North America the figures have been increasing, and now the numbers in California have become the most significant. This is alarming, however, if a reporter can fully investigate ALL the stats in a manner which would be unbiased the report would have to include an area that no one wants to look at realistically, the stats would become even more alarming. The unreported area is abortions. I'm not saying anything about the ethics of abortion but just stating that more often than not abortion is ignored, and it's not providing the fuller picture in this study/report. If it was I'm positive the picture would be shocking, not just in CA, but as a statement of our North American culture.