Politics on TV: Decibel or decimal?

What did Trudeau say? And what does it mean? We waded into the fray (so that you don’t have to)


“Deal with the criticism, if you could, from both inside and outside your party that you lack substance.” Global’s Tom Clark asks Justin Trudeau just a little more than two minutes into the interview.

The full transcript is here, but here is Trudeau’s answer: “I don’t particularly worry about it. You know I’m not going to go around reciting Pi to the 19th decibel or you know wave my grades, or test scores to people. I’m going to simply do what it is that I have to do.”

Wait … to the 19th what? The question circulated on Twitter. Once more to the tape: “Decibel,” Trudeau said.

So what does it all mean? It’s another questions that went round and round on Twitter. Here is just a sampling of the voices in the fray:

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Politics on TV: Decibel or decimal?

  1. And over 20,000 people voted BEFORE this big news story broke. I imagine the LPC will need to schedule a new election.

    • They’re already giving candidate vote-wranglers a week to bother their bought “voters” by phone, email, text message, tweet, door knocking, skywriting, etc.

      Betcha this’ll make them even more nervous.

  2. Transcript of @GlobalNews @TheWestBlock shows Justin Trudeau said “decimal” not “decibel” bit.ly/Zgtztj — No controversy.

    • You can’t read, either? Must be in typical Liberal denial. But at least you know when he said decibel he was wrong, because you’re going all obfuscatory while the transcript and audio are out there for anyone to confirm… he said decibel. And he proudly claims he’s a teacher…

      • i heard it was originally up with decimal written but later corrected for what was actually pronounced. Not necessary Lloyd S.’s error.

  3. The thot heard around the world…#19Decibels

  4. looking at the transcript the interviewer doesn’t follow up with pursuing whether Mr. Trudeau made a mis-pronounciation or was unfamiliar with the proper term.

  5. “Hey, Canadian MSM wondering whether to report Justin Trudeau’s decimal/decibel mixup…pretend Sarah Palin said it.”

    That was funny.

    • Har!

      The similarities are a bit eerie.

      Although Pailin wasn’t going for the top job…[edited]

  6. That’s odd. The flow of the Niagara River was an election issue but not this as a leadership race issue.

    • And will not be mentioned again lest he sound like Mr Day

    • Place it right alongside the 57 states error.

  7. The Justin Trudeau doll: “Math is hard!”

  8. Wow, Tom Clark is a douchebag for twitting that. Deliberately insinuating Trudeau doesn’t know the difference between the two. Not quite ‘The Violator’s’ level of douchiness Tom but you’re getting there, those are big pant…sorry…boots to fill.

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