Decision in Rob Ford's conflict of interest case expected Monday -

Decision in Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case expected Monday


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will know a judge’s decision in his conflict-of-interest case Monday morning, in a verdict that could see the mayor removed from office.

The case involves an alleged breach of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, where Ford is accused of using city resources for his personal football charity. Ford then voted during a council meeting on an item related to his football charity, which is where the actual conflict of interest is alleged to have occurred.

If Justice Charles Hackland finds Ford guilty, the mayor could be removed from office. The judge also has the power to ban Ford from running in the next municipal election, reports the Toronto Star.

This case is unrelated to another court case the mayor is involved in. Last week, Ford appeared as a whitness in a $6-million defamation lawsuit, where George Foulidis is suing the mayor for comments he made before the 2010 municipal election about Foulidis’ company, Tuggs Inc.

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Decision in Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case expected Monday

  1. If there is not a conviction and removal in this case, then such a conviction and removal could never occur.

  2. Ford needs to go!

  3. With all the coverage of the defamation lawsuit, I ws beginning to wonder if I’d missed the verdict on this case – the media wasn’t saying boo…