Defence Department to freeze membership of Canadian Forces, sell properties

Spending curb part of government-wide effort to cut budgets


The Canadian Forces are set to cap membership at 68,000 troops, while the Defence Department and military are looking to sell off properties and shut down facilities, according to documents obtained by The Ottawa Citizen. The moves are part of the military’s plan to trim its budget between now and 2016. The Defence Department’s holdings include about half of all federally owned buildings, or 21,000 units—of which 318 are considered cultural and historic sites,—as well as 2.25 million hectares of land. Speaking with the Citizen, Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny said closures make sense, since some underused facilities are costing the government millions of dollars to keep open. He pointed to Newfoundland and Labrador’s Goose Bay site as an example. But he also called for financial compensation packages for the communities in which Defense Department facilities are to be closed.

Ottawa Citizen

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Defence Department to freeze membership of Canadian Forces, sell properties

  1. SO who will defend Canadian Sovereignty?

    • Well obviously we don’t need so many troops now because we’re getting new fighter planes that will be able to patrol the arctic and let us know if.. uh… oops.

    • Canadian Sovereignty? Aren’t we currently negotiating with the US to surrender it for a handful of magic beans… er, for supposedly easier access at the US border?

  2. Cap it!  At 68000?  Beats the heck out of reducing it to less than 48000 sa the Liberals tried to do. 

  3. This is completely unpatriotic!  Support the troops, Mr. Mackay!  /ironing

  4. I can’t wait to see which conservative businessmen acquire the properties.

    jim xavier … the exact same people that have been doing it for the past several hundred years… what’s the panic now? Did you just see a rerun of ‘the russians are coming’???

  5. does this mean the CF wont be recruiting any more till 2016 what ppens if some people wanna leave the military will i have a chance to apply can someone answer please

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