Defence minister Challenger flights cost almost $3 million

MacKay has flown in jets more than any other cabinet minister


Defence Minister Peter MacKay has spent nearly $3 million flying in private government jets since 2007, according to Access to Information documents obtained by CTV News. During that time, MacKay has flown on government-owned Challenger jets 35 times, more than any other minister aside from the Prime Minister, who is not allowed to fly commercial for security reasons. In total, MacKay’s trips cost Canadian taxpayers $2,927,738.70. Responding to these revelations, a spokesperson for the minister’s office told CTV News that “nearly 50 per cent” of these flights were to repatriation ceremonies for soldiers killed in Afghanistan. However, according to the broadcaster, the documents they obtained show that only nine of the 35 flights were taken for that purpose. MacKay has already been criticized recently for his use of a Cormorant helicopter that picked him up from a fishing vacation in Newfoundland.

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Defence minister Challenger flights cost almost $3 million

  1. How much is more? $1.50?, or maybe $2,000,000.?
    Governments should be required to publish annually the amounts taxpayers pay for this service for each and every Minister of the crown along with the origin and destination for the flights.
    It’s all there in the flight plans and log books for every aircraft so it can’t be claimed to be hidden for security reasons after the flight has become history.
    Just another example of the “transparent” government politicians keep promising the electorate and never get around to delivering.

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