Defiant Gadhafi addresses Libya

Libyan leader urges supporters to take back the streets


In a rambling and often incomprehensible address on state television, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi addressed his country on Tuesday for the first time since mass protests consumed the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli on February 18. Blaming “foreign agencies” for the brutal violence that has thus far killed unspecified hundreds of people over the weekend, Gadhafi also proposed that the protesters were small groups of young people who were given drugs and money to attack police stations and schools. He has asked his supporters to take to the streets on Wednesday, and vowed that he would fight on until the end, saying, “Moammar Gadhafi is not a normal person that you can poison…or lead a revolution against.” His appearance on state television, broadcast from his compound in Tripoli, seemed designed to prove that he had not fled the country, possibly to Venezuela as some reports have previously implied. Violence and chaos in Libya rages on, with reports of anti-aircraft guns and warplanes being used on protesters, as well as mercenaries from sub-Saharan nations being brought in to fire upon Libyan citizens. Two air force colonels had reportedly redirected their fighter jets and defected to Malta after being to fire on demonstrators from the air. As the uprising enters its ninth day, details are still sketchy as to how many casualties have occurred, as landlines, mobile service and internet have all been cut off.

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Defiant Gadhafi addresses Libya

  1. Gadaffi is right he never has been normal since probably birth. Osama Bin Laden, Al Swaheri, and Gaddafi should meet each other and form their own Schizophrenic and Psychotic club for serial murderers/killers. Who knows they might end up killing each other, saves many a grief.

    • u dont knw wat yuh are takin about, wat about USA leaders George Bush, Barrack Obama and the QUEEN they are killing people evryday.
      9/ 11th the us government kill its own people to justify the war in IraQ, bombings in Egypt in Tanzania, They bombed their own embassies just to create fear and to convince people like you that there is terrorism. WAR in Iraq in Afghanistan in Somalia in GAZA why is the world turning a blind eye on USA. come on open your eyes and look within. the media is misleading check out who is controlling that you are relying on. wake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

      • @ DIGITALSTORM….WOW !!,… Just …WOW !!

  2. Those two Air Force Jets should get refueled,and do an about face, and return to Libya,and blow Gaddafi and his henchman off the face of the Earth before he does anymore damage…..

    • I believe it is only designed to kill the innocents, while jammed when targeting the bad guys.

  3. Clinton: 'deep concern' ' deplorable' 'stop the violence'
    Libyans: Help us!

    Any WMD?

    Hmmm. Has Gadaffi gassed anyone?

    Sucks. OK, any centrifuges?
    He's no Amahdinejad, he wouldn't know a centrifuge from a centipede. Help us! Please! Sanctions. Something!

    What you got on him?
    Uh, there's this Swedish nurse?

    Oh no, another Monica. Don't remind me.
    Please! Help us!

    Hey! you got OIL! Now let's dicker, we remove Gadaffi, and Exxon gets 50% of refineries, and control of, and…
    Yay, we're another American client-state! Thank-you America! Thank-you!

    That's OK. Another feel-good story for the New York Times and PBS. And Peace, Democracy and Liberal values all round.

  4. What do Lybians want? they are not starving..? the country is running well..?.its a neo liberal undercurrent!-take out Gaddaffi place a puppet who will dance to the tune of capital.Lybians will regret this and the next generations will not forgive them.This whole change of governance craze sweeping the middle east is ushering in the mtv generation seduced by greed and aroused by a lack of ethics only to open their butt cheeks to " international" capital……….shame!

  5. I am wondering why the UN doesn't step into this situation with peace keepers i know that canada and USA would likely support the UN by sending Military there to stop the fighting

  6. The wealthy FEW (the status quo) in the USA actually WANT the bombing of Libya to get rid of Gadhafi and to secure control of the OIL – so that the wealthy FEW in the USA and other rich European countries can continue to make HUGE profits with Libyan oil. 

    The wealthy FEW in the USA and rich European countries do not really care about Libyan people, they simply want control of the OIL. Hence, the reason the USA (and France, Britain, etc) did 3 months of intense bombing of Libya, causing great destruction of the infrastructure in Libya and KILLING about 10,000 to 15,000 (rough estimate), including some in Gadhafi’s family.

    Now while Gadhafi is NO saint, imagine, some country dropping bombs over the White House with the intention to KILL Obama, and killing his two daughters (instead). What would you think about the people doing the bombing? You will likely call them (evil) terrorists – and you will be correct.

    The USA need to learn a golden lesson the HARD way – “Do not seek to exploit anyone more than they accept, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. However, the FUNDAMENTAL nature/essence of the economic “system” in the USA and the World in general, is that of taking away from others (exploiting others) more than they accept and doing unto others what you do NOT want to be done to you.

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