Delayed marriage and childbearing leads to increased stress, study shows -

Delayed marriage and childbearing leads to increased stress, study shows

Childrearing demands come at same time as career demands are great


According to a new U.S. study, delayed marriage and childbearing lead to increased stress for men and women. Delaying marriage and having kids means that the biggest family demands often fall at the same time that career demands are great, especially among the well-educated, while it increases the chance one’s parents might start to have poor health and need help, before the children are fully grown. American moms are participating in the labour force at a greater rate, the study found, doing 22.6 hours of paid work on average in 2008, up from 18.8 in 1985. At the same time, mothers increased the time they spend on childcare to 13.9 hours a week from 8.4 in 1985, but housework time went to 17.4 hours from 20.4. They spent less time on self-care, too. Fathers have increased working hours from 35.7 in 1985 to 39.5 in 2008, and have upped the time they spend on childcare from 2.6 hours per week in 1985 to 7.8 hours today.

New York Times

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Delayed marriage and childbearing leads to increased stress, study shows

  1. Also the children have fewer years with grandparents being around, the older the birth-parents are.
    The article is very accurate. Good job on it !

  2. i say dont bother with the little buggers in the first place. they're just expensive and annoying.

    • Just wait until you have Grand kids, they are'' very'' expensive but less annoying than your Sons or Daughters were…on the upside once your Grandchildren have eaten you out of house and home, given the budgie bird a coronary and put the cat on air fluff, you get to ship the little Sweethearts home to Mommy and Daddy…sort of like rent-a-kid…..

  3. Sorry, can't afford kids yet, I'm paying off student debt and paying for old people's retirement and healthcare…

    • Probably will never be able to afford them. It's a kid or a house.

  4. I have no statistical proof to back up my observations but I have observed that younger parents tend to take everything in stride. They worry less about things possibly going wrong with their children's health and wellness. Maybe they are naive or maybe they are more trusting but they just seem less uptight about possible dangers and more confident that everything will turn out okay even if they do make a few mis-steps.

  5. I told you so!