Dennis Rodman announces North Korean vacation; Kim Jong Un threatens to ‘wipe out’ island

‘He’s my friend,’ Rodman says of North Korean dictator


Dennis Rodman is surrounded by journalists upon arrival at Pyongyang Airport, North Korea, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. (Kim Kwang Hyon/AP)

Retired Chicago Bulls basketball player Dennis Rodman told a U.S. television station that he is planning a summer vacation in North Korea, just as leader Kim Jong Un says he is ready to blow up an island belonging to South Korea.

Rodman had cancelled most media appearances in the U.S. after his “basketball diplomacy” mission to North Korea in February — ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked him difficult questions during his first interview — but he made a publicity appearance in Fargo, North Dakota Monday, where local television station KXJB talked to the star.

In addition to divulging his plans for summer vacation, Rodman used the word “amazing” multiple times to describe his trip to North Korea and said that Kim wasn’t such a bad guy. “I mean, I don’t condone what he does, but he’s my friend,” Rodman told KXJB. “But I think that his grandfather and his father built this whole thing up because he has to do this. He don’t want to do anything. That’s what I know, this is just amazing, man…”

Rodman went on to say that Kim “doesn’t want to fight.”

Meanwhile Tuesday, North Korean state media quoted Kim as using some of his harshest language yet, telling troops that they should be ready to “wipe out” Baengnyeong island, which belongs to South Korea and is just off the North Korean shoreline. State media also quoted Kim as telling troops that they should be ready to attack, “breaking their waists and completely cutting their strings of life.”

Kim says he has cancelled the armistice that ended fighting during the Korean War. He has been visiting troops stationed near the border with South Korea, telling them to prepare because “war can break out right now.”

South Korea has tried to smooth things over, reports BBC News, by saying that Kim is not legally able to unilaterally break the armistice that ended fighting in 1953. The UN has backed up this position. South Korea also wants North Korea to take back those things it keeps saying. “We demand North Korea withdraw remarks threatening stability and peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region,” said South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Tai-Young.

If Kim changes his position that he “doesn’t want to fight” and decides that he does, indeed, want to fight by restarting the Korean War, Rodman might want to rethink those summer vacation plans.

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Dennis Rodman announces North Korean vacation; Kim Jong Un threatens to ‘wipe out’ island

  1. Dennis is a good guy. I remember one night at a party in Miami, Dennis introduced me to two supermodels and then we raced Ferraris, drank tequila shots, went to a few dance clubs, and ended up skinny dipping at some rich guy’s mansion. It was a fun night, and I’m sure he’s a great diplomat.

  2. Can he do a Tom Hanks impersonation about a persona non grata stuck at an airport?
    I bet he can.

  3. Dennis should stay in NK. He’s a fricken loser and I’m sure is being paid to be a friend.

  4. Watch him get held hostage by NK and used to lever against the UN concessions. Would serve him right for supporting them.

    • Who the hell would wanna hold dennis rodman hostage? He is such a loser.. And a terrible actor

  5. It’d be nice to see more people in the spot light of fame getting involved on the diplomatic, political world. Those people who alot of the public unquestioningly respects and listens to can truly open the worlds eyes to the fact we are all people, quite honestly no different from one another. Creating a friendship with those who have previously or traditionally been an enemy is something politicians have been failing at for years.

    • I agree. When I heard that Beyoncé and Nelly Furtado gave private concerts to dictators like Gadhafi, I thought “These celebrities have shown me that dictators who slaughter their own people, are people too, capable of human emotions. They can feel love and pain, just like us…”

      Of course, a more cynical person might feel that these celebrities are egotistical, insular, and will do anything for a buck, but not me.

  6. A vacation in NORTH KOREA???

    The only North Koreans who are having any sort of a break from their regular vocational labors are those being worked to death in forced labor camps.

    I believe that Google Maps now have the means to identify some of those ‘recreational’ facilities.

  7. The UN has told him he can’t unilaterally break out of the armistice between them?

    Well, no doubt that’s stopped his plans dead in their tracks. Obviously North Korea would never do anything against the UN’s say-so…..