Departing AG leaving her post at the end of May -

Departing AG leaving her post at the end of May

Sheila Fraser calls on government to tackle living conditions for aboriginals


In her last public address as Canada’s auditor general, Sheila Fraser told reporters on Wednesday the federal government has several pressing issues it must address in the coming years. The most pressing include Canada’s aging population, the disintegration of infrastructure, climate change, and the plight of aboriginals. “We cannot simply continue to do the same things in the same way,” Fraser said of living conditions on First Nations reserves. “There needs to be a serious review of programs and services to First Nations. “We need to identify what services should be provided and by whom, as well as the funding required and the expected results.” After 10 years on the job, Fraser will leave the post that put her at the centre of some of the most compelling stories in Canadian politics on May 30.

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Departing AG leaving her post at the end of May

  1. …and there goes the last voice of integrity. I really don’t think any other civil servant will have the guts to stand up to Harper and tell him when he’s wrong; too many heads have rolled already trying to do just that.

    We’ll miss you, Sheila! And if you have any political aspirations, well, the Liberals could use a hand…

    • Barring a run for the Liberal leadership, I vote for MacLeans hiring Sheila as an investigative journalist.  It’s about time we had some people in journalism that knew how to disect government expenditures.  Especially since we can be pretty sure the next AG won’t be handing them dirt on the government like Sheila did.   

    • Liberals? Please. Have you forgotten the sponsership scandal and other REAL situations regarding a golf course et al?

      • EXACTLY why they need her – to root out any remaining corruption and to put a new face of integrity on the party. Obviously, even though the people involved in the acts you raise are long gone, a lot of people (you, for example) still don’t trust them. Having Sheila as leader or ethics watchdog in their party would, IMO, go a long way to restoring their image.

  2. Actually Sheila would make a great human rights activitist.  She should be non-partisan and use her talents to demand that the government/opposition members of parliament act in the best interest of vulnerable Canadians such as aboriginal children.