Dep't of (intentional?) mispronunciation -

Dep’t of (intentional?) mispronunciation


Memo to Don Cherry: it’s Jaroslav Halak, not, er, Red Luck Have-a-cock.

To be fair to the zoot suited one, I think he’s right about the reading of anonymous emails/Tweets/pokes/whatever on air. It reeks of pandering to the squirrelly generation. You know who you are.

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Dep’t of (intentional?) mispronunciation

  1. It's funny, because if you were to somehow personify the internet or twitter in human form, it would look and sound exactly like Don Cherry. I guess he doesn't like the competition.


  3. Just for the purpose of correction, Cherry wasn't trying to pronounce Jaroslav Halak directly. He was responding to the E-mailer who I believe was calling the goalie Red Light Halak, in reference to Red Light Racicot — a notoriously bad former Habs keeper.

    Quite frankly, I'm surprised that anyone would care so much about it as to actually try to spell out Cherry's half-hearted pronunciation attempt, and in a way that clearly has him using foul language.

    But I guess any chance at riding the coattails of Canada's most popular celebrity and media figure is welcomed by some.

  4. When your argument that emails/tweets etc. shouldn't be read on air is that "THIS IS HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA" and you haven't bothered to learn how to say Euro or French names, you seem like something of a goof.

  5. Did you hear that rant Don had against the radio host who dared to ask him about that doctor who said Cherry is partly to blame for injuries? Man, he sounded like such a douche.

  6. Well, I, like most Canadians, hear what he has to say each and every time he's on Coach's Corner, and love every minute of it.

  7. Memo to Martin Patriquin: Cherry was mocking what he thought was the name of the blogger.

  8. I actually agree with Don's disdain for twitter/email that has seeped into HNIC, and other CBC/CTV/Global broadcasts. And yes, I notice the irony of saying this on a Maclean's comment board.

    However, I really wish Cherry would act like a professional broadcaster and learn how to say player's names. It's "Halak" Don, not "Havlat" (the latter I've heard you say at least a couple of times on Coach's Corner…).

  9. Come on. It's part of his shtick. It's like asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to get rid of his famous Austrian accent and stop saying "Kuhleefourneeeya".

    I, too, would prefer Cherry to be much more polished than he is. It would make defending him a lot easier! However, as they say, nobody's perfect, right? For some reason, left-wingers tend to forget that when criticizing their opponents.

  10. If Don is getting paid the high salary he is to be a cornerstone of HNIC broadcasts, the least he can do is pronounce "Halak" properly. It isn't folksy or charming to act ignorant… it's just obnoxious, tiresome and lacking in manners.

  11. Don Cherry, Elitist.

    Surely the Apocalypse is come at last.

  12. My apologies: "Mr. Cherry" is obnoxious, tiresome and lacking in manners when he mispronounces players' names. (… And isn't it funny how he rarely has trouble pronouncing names of Leafs or Bruins players?).

    • It's called a remote……… is used to change the channel when something is not to your liking.
      I use it to change the channel whenever crap like Little Mosque On The Prairie comes on CBC.
      Don rocks! Mispronounciations and all!

  13. That's not true. He's mispronounced Leafs player names all the time. Ponikarovsky was a classic example. He kept referring to him as "Pocahontas". lol

    In fact, a more incendiary accusation can be leveled against him. That is, he mispronounces the names of Europeans all the time, and often what looks to be deliberately — maybe that's what Mr. Patriquin had in mind with this blog post — even though he tends to do it with North American born players with European names, too. So, it probably really is more a problem of diction than anything else.

  14. Funny to see people who clearly hate the man refer to him by his first name, btw.

  15. Well, I like watching HNIC so I think I still have the right to criticize portions of it that suck. For example, Don Cherry and Bob Cole should have been put out to pasture long ago. You may be one of the people that enjoy Cherry's faux-illiteracy act and xenophobia but there are still a lot of hockey fans out there that would welcome his retirement.

  16. What's forcing you to watch Coach's Corner? And you're obviously in the overwhelming minority. Canadians love the guy. You hate him.

  17. What's forcing you to watch Coach's Corner? And you're obviously in the overwhelming minority. Canadians love the guy. You hate him.

  18. I think the guy is charismatic, but he could, indeed, learn to spell people's name right….